Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Things You Find in Classic Rock and the Intraweb - A selection of new favourites

G'day, after flicking through the new Classic Rock the other day and findings adds of most of these bands which led to you tubing and discovering them and more and their rather excellent rock and roll interpretations....get amongst it

Rock N' Roll Circus is a Vancouver/Seattle based Blues-Rock band made up of six hard working musicians — Jeremy Holmes, Johnny Oulton, Liam MacDonald, Aaron Moser, Scott Smith and Christopher Woudstra. Their music will remind you instantly of the great jam rock bands of the 70's, but with a modern spin.

Modern Kicks is a five-piece ground breaking Power-Pop/Rock n Roll band hailing from the San Francisco bay area. . This record is loaded with Thin Lizzy & Exploding Hearts-like worship songs... Modern Kicks, is like being hit with a glitter-filled pillow at a champagne slumber party, 

This Birmingham quartet Broken Witt Rebels combines the power and intensity of classic rock with the finesse and delicacy of soulful blues.....The arrangement of James Tranter’s dominant, layered guitar work, Danny Core’s strong and unique vocals, Luke Davis’s muddy harmonic bass playing and James Dudley's thunderous drumming are the framework of a band that’s enchanting and irresistible.

“We embrace the harshness of our climate, environment, people, our music scenes, and the pride there-in,” says drummer Dobber Beverly of Texans Oceans of Slumber. “From country to jazz to extreme metal and everything in between. Most of us are kids of the ‘90s and we were raised on Stevie Ray Vaughan, King’s X, Watchtower, Pantera, Absu, Imprecation, etc. So, we’ve definitely got state pride and are very proud of our wonderful hometown Houston and its blossoming music culture.”

Simple, but nonetheless captivating, Ming City Rockers’ three-chord formula does away with contrived complexity – and as a result their turbulent variety of rock ‘n’ roll is extremely relatable and enrapturing.

Tax The Heat was born from a pure love of straight-ahead rhythm and blues music. With nods to many of their influences, calling back to a time when rock’n’roll was still new, vibrant and exciting while all the time keeping an energy-filled modern, alternative edge to the music they create.

This band makes me feel like I’m able to hop in the DeLorean with Marty and the Doc to take a trip back in time.  I had never heard a single song from Shiraz Lane before I saw the ad in Classic Rock and I you tubed 'em and saw Out There Somewhere...rockin band

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