Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rock n Roll is H.E.A.T.ing Up

Since I been reading Classic Rock Ive had the great good fortune to be introduced to many a bonza bunch of rock dudes, you may have noticed my last couple of blogaroos were top heavy with new bands, and one band in particular have really got hold , well, theres The Struts, but this time Im talking about them rather cool and LOUD Swedes, the band called 

The band  made its  debut recording in 2008  but didn't crack the glass ceiling into mainstream until the year after  after a rather superb showing  the 2009 Melodifestivalen with the smash hit "1000 Miles.

Founded in 2007 in Upplands Väsby, the band was comprised of Kenny Leckremo (vocals), Dave Dalone (guitar), Eric Rivers (guitar), Jona Tee (keyboards), Jimmy Jay (bass), and Crash (drums). 

In 2007, they were an opening act to Toto, and the following year they were the opening act to Sabaton and Alice Cooper, as well as performed at the Sweden Rock Festival that year. They were also awarded with the Årets nykomlingar award, an award given out by the Swedish radio station P4 Dist for the best new artist of the year, as voted by the listeners.

The lads signed with the StormVox record label,  and laid down their  full-length debut in 2008 with  album H.E.A.T. At the time of its original release in May 2008, the album was a minor hit, peaking at number 36 on the Swedish albums chart. The album was given a significant boost the following year, however, when H.E.A.T. reached the final round of the 2009 Melodifestivalen with the song "1000 Miles." 

The band's strong showing in the Melodifestivalen drove H.E.A.T. back up the albums chart, all the way to the Top Ten. In the meantime, "1000 Miles" was a Top Five smash hit and the follow-up single, "Keep on Dreaming," was fairly popular as well, reaching the Top 30...... The second album, titled Freedom Rock, came in 2010 on the same record label.

In 2011 they signed with GAIN music (Sony) and they also signed a new management, Hagenburg management.

The band  toured around Europe as an opening act to Edguy in January 2009., when out of the blue (as near as I can tell) Vocalist Kenny Leckremo left the band after playing 27 July at Gröna Lund. 

The boys met Erik at a shindig of some description and offered himmthe vacant singing spot, he thought they were joking, but Jona and Eric persisted and after meeting a time or two more with Erik and his manager, he joined the band on On 21 August,

They  then released their third studio album "Address The Nation" 28.03.2012. The first single off the album was "Living On The Run". 

2014 saw boys back on the boards carrying the much anticipated new stuff called Tearing Down the Walls  and in October 2014 the band headlined the last ever Firefest concert at Rock City in Nottingham, UK.

Studio Albums
H.e.a.t (2008)
Freedom Rock (2010)
Address the Nation (2012)
Tearing Down the Walls (2014)
1000 Miles (2009)
Keep On Dreaming (2009)
Beg, Beg, Beg (2010)
Living on the Run (2012)
Beg, Beg, Beg (2010)
A Shot At Redemption (2014)
Live Albums
Live in London (2015)

SO, there you a go, a rather hot band , ya think?...Seeya Next time

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