Sunday, May 22, 2016

ACDC's Legacy is in good hands

SO, here we are mid way through 2016, and the state of play in AKKaDakka land is as follows

Malcolm is resting comfortably somewhere after being struck down by alzeimers, Phil Rudd is banged up in his home , Jonna has retired or been pushed , depending on who you believe , Cliff is doing whatever Cliff does when his not akkadakking and Angus after being the second man in is now the last man standing of the iconic aussie band

Yes, we have a multitude of band recordings and dvds and stuff to cling onto to spark our memories, but you have to wonder if their is a ACDC style band on the horizon to grab the handlebars and ride the rock sled into the immediate future

and to this point I have been doing some digging around and have found a couple of potential mantle grabbers, one you probably have heard of and the other two are still in Aussie plying their trade but Im certain will crack it for stardom sooner rather than later.....and they are...

AIRBOURNE  -Joel Okeefe(Lead Guitar/Lead vocals) Ryan Okeefe(Drums/percussion) David Roads( Rhythm guitar) Justin Street(Bass)

(the blogaroo)

First up is Airbourne, yes, the boys have been around since 2003 and I even did a blogaroo about 'em, but, sonically and lyrically you can see that Joel and the boys are coming from a acdc direction, and truth be told, i reckon they are the next HUGE thing to come out of Downunder.

The boys have done a few records,Ready To Rock [2004], Live at the Playroom [2007], Runnin Wild [2007] No Guts, No Glory [2010] and Black dog Barking [2013], and their videos are just frikkin awesome, personal fave would be "Bad Blonde and Beautiful" mind you they got Lemmy to do a guest spot in one so thats a stamp of approval for you right there I reckon...Yep Airbourne is gonna take the mantle and run with it I reckon BUT they got some contemporary competition cathing up on 'em and the name of those bands are the next two Im about to give a plug too.

BLACK ACES - Tyler (Lead/vocals) Alex (Bass) Pete (drums) Jazz (Rhythm)

According to lead singer Tyler, "Rock n Roll is like a comfortable pair of jeans, when you put them on it feels right and a great set will last forever" ....The boys in Black Aces are giving a firm nod of the noggin to great aussie rock bands from the 70s, I can hear bits of Buffalo, Colored Balls, a bit of Hush and tad of Finch and Tatts when I listen to them, Hell, they even look like 70s hard rockers...the boys have been banging away for five years and have just deliverd their major label debut "Shot in the Dark" this year...I reckon if the rock gods are feeling a bit bonz, the Black Aces boys will crack it for the big time and rightfully so

Releases - Hellbound EP 2014 (euro and aussie release), On the rocks (single 2014) Shot in the Dark (2016)

MASSIVE - Brad Marr ( vocals, guitar), Brendan Forward (lead) Aidan McGarrigle (Bass) Jarrod Medwin( tub thumper)

to quote a press release, "A deadly 8 legged Aussie rock monster that isnt for the faint hearted"

Massive hooked up in Melbourne in 2012 from the embers of other rocking bands, they were playing showcase gigs in Los Angles in rapid time...they boys are deadset determined to crack it big, and they have constructed tunes with hugely anthemic choruses and ear bleeding solos chucked in for good measure...get into em , you wont be sorry.

Releases - Destination Somewhere (2016)

SO, there you go, a couple of suggestions for, whip your credit card out GET AMONGST IT

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