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The things you find at a garage sale..Just the KISS Facts is all

 It has to be said that if you look hard enough at a garage sale, your gonna get lucky...and on the weekend I did..I got the KISS faq book for $2...

.and thus I thougjht I'd pick out some interesting things and blogaroo 'em...and here they are

Lets start with the various members 

Real Name: Chaim Witz
Birth: August 25th 1949
Birthplace: Haifa Israel

Was fired from teaching due to getting his class to write a report about Spiderman
Early bands included: BullFrog Bheer, Missing Links, Coffee, Love Bag, Cathedral, Rainbow 
Early recordings : Leeta, Stanley the parrot, Eskimo sun

Gene and Paul recorded back up vocals on a Lyn Christopher album...for payment they got their recording time at Electric Lady Studios

Gene was also a "Kelly Girl", basically an office temp
People on Genes KISS solo album included Joe Perry, Rick Neilsen and Jeff "Skunk"Baxter

Real Name: Stanley Harvey Eisen
Birth: January 20th 1952

Was born with microtia, which left one ear deformed and deaf
first favourite muso was Eddie Cochran
loved bombastic classical music
fave bands included The Kinks & The Small Faces
Early bands included: Incubus, Uncle Joe, Post War Baby Boom, Tree (with Steve Coronel) Rainbow

Early Recordings:  "Never Loving , Never Living ( post War Baby Boom), Stop, Look to Listen(Uncle Joe)

Worked as a taxi driver among other things
Attended Manhattan High School of Music & Art
Its been thought for a while that no Paul autobiography will be forthcoming

Real Name: George Peter John Criscoula
Birth: December 20th 1945

was using "Peter Criss" long before joining KISS
Early bands: Joey Greco & The In Crowd, Barracudas, Sounds of Soul, Nauitilus, Chelsea, Lips

Early Recordings: Chelseas debut album (1970), Its been so long (Barracudas), Beck (Lips)
Worked mostly as a session muso to pay the bills
fell ill with breast cancer in 2009

Real Name: Paul Daniel Frehley
Birth: April 27th 1951

used the name "Punky" Meadows early in his career...and no, he didnt play in Angel
got the name Ace for helping a friend hook up with a chick Frehley knew, hismate called himm Ace from then on

Early Bands: King Kong, Four Roses, Cathedral, Honey & the Magic people
Early Recordings: a band he was in called "Molimo" recorded for RCA but not much has been heard of elsewise

Ace KISS solo album sold the most
Worked mostly as a muso, but had stints a s a postie and a cab driver

Real Name: Paul Charles Caravello
Birth: July 12th 1950

Early bands: The Cellarmen, Salt'n'Pepper (not the rap act), Things that go Bump in the Night, Flasher
Early Recordings: Your turn to cry(The Cellarmen) I found you ( the one I adore), Stranger, I'm so Lonely

Eric worked as , among other things, a File Clerk in the New York Justice Dept, Toilet partition installer, Courier, oven repairman.
Went to the same high school as Paul to study drawing and photgraphy
Worked on an animated series called "The Rockheads" he worked on the music with Bruce Kulick for the project.

Real Name: Vincent John Cusano
Birth: August 6th 1952

Early bands: Younger Generation, Hunter, Treasue, Warrior, 
Early Recordings: This songs for you, Happy Birthday USA, Turn yourself around, Innocent eyes

Vinnie wrote songs for the Happy Days spin off Joanie Love Chachi

He has worked sessions for Carmine Appice, Dan Hartman, Felix Cavaliere
Apart from his musical career Vinnie has kept his private life just that

Real Name: Mark Leslie Norton
Birth: Febuary 5th 1956

ST JOHN-ism's
Early Bands: Front Page
Early Recordings..ditto
Worked as a guitar instructor in California

Mark was recommended to KISS by Grover Jackson of Jackson Guitars
Worked with Peter Criss after he "left" KISS

Real Name: Bruce Howard Kulick
Birth: December 12th 1953

Early bands...heaps of High school bands, Blackjack
Early recordings: Meat Loaf Live, Blackjack (self titled & Worlds Apart)Wheres my hero (Rozetta),  Michael Boltons debut album, Tale of the Tape (Billy Squier)

Worked for the New York Public Library 
Michael Bolton was in Blackjack with Bruce, calling himself Michael Bolotin
Bob Kulick told Gene and Paul that Bruce should be in the band...they listened

Real name: Eric Doyle Mensinger
Birth: May 12th 1958

Early Bands: PopOpera (aka Beau Coup)
Early Recordings: demo work for Drive, The Cult, Lita Ford

Eric appeared in a video for Olivia Newton John
recorded albums with Bill Ward (Ward One) and Tony Iommi ( Black Sabbath Seventh Son & Eternal Idol)
Has done a lot of live work with Alice Cooper
Toured with Gary Moore

Joined Badlands for a couple of albums
long been known as Sticks for Hire...he has travelled around the world due to his drumming talent
Worked on Revenge before offically joining the band

Real Name: Thomas Cunningham Thayer
Birth: November 7th 1960

Early bands: A few school bands all with school freind James Pond (Jaimie St James), Shake the Faith, Marx Brothers, All American man

Early recordings: All four Black & Blue albums
Othe recordings: King Kobra III, Doro (Doro Pesch), Licence to Kill (Malice) Jimmy Barnes debut album

Tommy has wrote songs for King Kobra, Mar Ferrari, Ron Keel, Iron Horse
Started working with KISS on the 1995 Convention tour
He nearly ended up in makeup on various occasions when Ace was running late for shows
Been a full time member since 2002


Steve Coronel had been in bands with both Gene & Paul (Tree) at different times, they all ended up in the same band called Rainbow which morphed into Wicked Lester later on.
Wicked Lester's album included tracks SHE, LOVE HER ALL I CAN and WE WANT TO SHOUT IT OUT LOUD

Played a showcase for Epic records with Harry Chapin on the bill...Epic picked Chapin 
Bill Aucoin brokererd a deal that purchased the Wicked lester recordings so they couldnt be released if KISS's first album took off

Arguably one of Marvels most popular issue's

So, there you go....what you reckon....some interesting facts...seeya next time

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