Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Recked DVD Review: Motorhead - Everywhere just as deaf as anywhere else (or something)

And thus we have yet another blogaroo re: a gig dvd...and this time around,  its the mighty Motorhead and in particular the dvd called "Everyplace further than anywhere else"...Now Ive had the good fortune(although my ears would disagree) to have been enveloped in the wall of noise that is Motorhead at full blast...Although Wurzel was in the band, so its been a fkn while

The film starts with the camera panning through your bog standard group of MotorheadBangers hanging around outside the venue, then it comes across a bunch of coppers in full riot gear ...were not in Brixton or Bankstown now kiddies...turns out its Santiago Chile...clearly not your metal friendly place...doesn't stop the 50 something odd thousand kids having a wail of a time though.

and the extra, super dooper, double fan-fuckin-tastic bonus is that my favourite metal documentary maker Sam Dunn, yes, he of such classics as  'Iron Maiden: Flight 666' and 'Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" filmed the dvd in glorious black-and-white, and a damn fine job Sammy boy does indeed

The DVD contains a good mix of more obscure Motorhead tracks like 'I Got Mine' and 'Over The Top', along with newer songs such as 'Get Back In Line' and 'The Thousand Names Of God', as well as the classics that you would expect at any Motorhead live show....and the boys kicked off with "Iron Fist", I was under the impression Lem hates that album, so starting the show, with probably the best song on that album was a nice surprise

Motorhead, ever the perennial road dogs, released The World Is Ours, Vol. 1: Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else, that tracks Lemmy. Phil and Mickey on their 2011 world tour. Featuring performances from not only Santiago, Chile, but New York City, and Manchester, England as well.

 this live set not only treats fans to blistering live performances, but also features behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, giving fans of the band not only the opportunity to be in the front row for some of these shows, but the chance to take a look backstage.

Quality-wise, the sound is, like the visuals, very much a top-notch affair, having been mixed by the band's current producer, Cameron Webb - a man who knows how Motorhead should sound. 

So there you go...a Motorhead dvd ...wont be the last one either,  just quietly 

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