Saturday, February 22, 2014


Now you may have noticed, from prior blogaroos,  that I have much love in my heart for both Thorpey and the Rosey Tatts...and these two dvds have pride and place on the shelf...

AND....I actually went to the gig, with a couple of mates...and what a rockin night it was...the late great Chrissy Amphlett and the Divynls were there as well, but I dont own that dvd (and I cant say they grabbed hold of me anyway)

Recorded in 1993 in Queensland's notorious Boggo Road prison, this scorching live show, sees the legend that is Billy Thorpe return to Australia for the first time in 20 years and deliver rock n' roll, at Aztecian volume levels, through a virtual replay of their legendary Sunbury set from 1972...

Thorpey reached out and got Paul Wheeler, Gil "Rats" Mathews and Warrten "Pig" Morgan back together to tear down the infamous lock up called Boggo Rd.

 The band are in full flight as they roll out all their big hits, including: Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy , Mamma, Be Bop A Lula, Rock Me Baby, C.C. Rider, Rock 'n' Roll City, World Turning, Ooh Poo Pa Doo and many more.

And then came the Tatts

Rose Tattoo, the bad boys of Australian rock since the late 70s when they ignited Australian audiences with the hits 'Bad Boy For Love' and 'Rock'n'Roll Outlaw'. After the release of their third album, 'Scarred For Life', and the chart-topping anthem 'We Can't Be Beaten', Rose Tattoo became one of the biggest, and most infamous, hard rock bands in the country. 

Performing here in front of a huge crowd at Boggo Road Jail (the original line-up of Angry Anderson, Peter Wells, Geordie Leech and Mick Cocks reunited to celebrate the closing of the jail 

Angry Anderson and the band deliver a thumping set of Tatt classics , rolling out all their big hits - including 'Assault & Battery', 'Tramp', 'Out of This Place' - and a rousing rendition of the Rolling Stones classic 'Street Fighting Man'....AND then Angry calls on Thorpey plug back in and blast his way through "Going down" with the tatts.

Much beer was imbied, many years of hearing was sacrificed BUT what a top night

I'm so glad some clever bugger had the foresight to film it and release it.

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