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Feel The Shake ..Its a Jetboy Blogaroo

Tis me again with yet another band that never got played on Aussie radio (or Rage or Sounds or V or anywhere down here in the colonys basically
And I have to say having grabbed a c.d of "Feel The Shake" the other day while thumbing through a pawn shops music for sale , I wish i knew of them back then , I might of got a blond mohawk and all kinds of carry on....ANYWAY to the story of Jetboy

Although they were often considered Mötley Crüe disciples, Los Angeles '80s rockers Jetboy contained a former member of the group that may have been responsible for the whole musical movement in the first place .....Sam Yaffa, yeh him of Hanoi Rocks 

Joining Yaffa were Mickey Finn (vocals), Fernie Rod (guitar), Billy Rowe (guitar), and Ron Tostenson (drums), and while they never hit the big time like the Crue et al, the boys enjoyed exposure on MTV's Headbanger's Ball program, resulting in some regional success. Their first two albums, 1988's Feel the Shake and 1990's Damned Nation were issued during glam's peak, but with the emergence of that Grunge malarky  Jetboy took a backseat to Nirvana and other similarly miserable nitiwits .

During the late '90s, several collections of rarities and highlights were released, including Day in the Unglamorous Life, Make Some More Noise, and Lost & Found. For the long suffering fans  of '80s glam/pop-metal, Jetboy are one of the genre's best-kept secrets. 

After parting ways with original bass player Todd Crew in mid-1987, the band was joined by  Yaffa, a member of one of the groups Jetboy had claimed to be their biggest influencel, was now a member of the band as their new bassist. 
In August 1987 Todd Crew died due to a drug overdose . 

Jetboy continued on into the 1990s before disbanding in 1992. However, over a decade later, Jetboy hooked back up, toured and recorded a new EP, Off Your Rocker in 2010. Having been absent from the studio for some 20 years, Jetboy recorded Off Your Rocker in a fully organic mode. The band played all in the same room together in a “live-style” format in an effort to duplicate the way the songs were written, all together, in a true 1970’s fashion where the band could feed off of one another’s energy.

On June 1, 2012 Jetboy did a 25-year reunion for their debut album ‘Feel The Shake’ at the Whiskey  in Hollywood. The line-up for this show included all original members with a surprise appearance by their second bass player Sami Yaffa ....

This was the first time they all shared the stage together in over 20 years. Jetboy plan to continue with the original line-up with Charles Norman on bass who replaced Yaffa in 1989.

Jetboy geared up in late 2015 to bring their style of rock n roll to the stage again. The band performed at The Cathouse ( yep, the place owned by Rikki Rachtman) Live on August 15, 2015 
Feel the Shake - 1988 
Damned Nation - 1990 
A Day in the Glamourous Life - 1997 
Make Some More Noise - 1999 
Lost & Found - 1999 
One More for Rock N' Roll - 2002 
The Glam Years - 2007 
Off Your Rocker - 2010

Mickey Finn  
Vocals, Harmonica, Tambourine, keyboard, organ (1983-1993, 2006-2010, 2010–present) 
Billy Rowe 
Rhythm & Slide Guitar Backing Vocals (1983-1993, 2006–present) 
Fernie Rod 
Lead & Rhythm Guitar Backing Vocals (1983-1993, 2006–present)
 Ron Tostenson 
Drums Backing Vocals (1983-1992, 2006-2007, 2010–present) 
Charles Norman 
Bass Guitar (1990-1991, 2010–present)


Todd Crew - Bass Guitar Backing Vocals (1983-1987; died 1987)
Sami Yaffa - Bass Guitar Backing Vocals (1987-1990)
 Bill Fraenza - Bass Guitar Backing Vocals (1991-1993) 
Rick Davis - Drums (1992-1993)
 Michael Butler - Bass Guitar (2006-2009) 
Paul Scavuzzo - Drums (2006) 
Tim Huthert - Drums (2007)
 Jeff Moscone - Drums (2007-2008)
 Doug Hovan - Drums (2008-2009) 
D.K. Revelle - Vocals (2010)
 Jesus Mendez Jr. - Drums (2010-2012)
 Jessie Farnsworth - Bass (2010-2012)

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