Sunday, January 22, 2017

Top 5 of : The Angles at Narara (or how to deafen the Sunny Central Coast)


You may remember the Narara blogaroo I did many moons ago, I'll wait go look for it.....

So, I was watching a Max sessions interview yesterday and they were talking to the late great Doc Neeson about his time with the Angels...this has inspired me to do a top 5 about possibly the greatest gig Id seen up that point and within reason the greatest gig Id seen ever 

Yep, Narara , the night Doc and the boys deafened the Sunny Central Coast and Neeson performed an act of amazing ne're do well when he climbed the scaffolding in the midst of Marseilles to say G'day to assembled throng , he even gave a shout to us drunken yobs on the hill....

Top night all around , well, top weekend actually (except for the f**kin rope thief, look it up) I thought the boys deserved a top 5 of their own about the gig, so in no particular order, here it is




So there you go

enjoy the clips and....TURN IT UP !

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