Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cant get them out of my Head...Reckys Absolute must haves on his Mp3 gizmo


Now as you may have gathered, although I lean towards the more metallic genres, I do have quite a few songs that i've found over the years that whatever portable music gizmo Im using at the time, these songs find a home onsaid gadget..


So lets go through the list of songs Im stuck with...AND WHAT A LIST


The Angels - Mr Damage, Chuck Berry - Let it Rock, Ram Jam - Black Betty , Sex Pistols  -  Holidays in the Sun,  Journey - Anyway you want it, Kevin Johnson - Rock n Roll I gave you all the best years of my life, Wings - Mull of Kintyre, Neil Young - Powderfinger, Tommy Steele - What a Mouth, MotorheadGirl - Please dont touch, Black Sabbath - Never say die, Led Zeppelin - Rock n Roll, Meat Loaf - Bat out of hell, Dave Clark 5 -Bits and Pieces, Blue Cheer - Summertime Blues, KISS - Rock and Roll all Nite, Rose Tattoo -Never Too Loud,  Michael Monroe - Dead Jail or Rock n Roll, Sweet - Fever of Love, David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust, King Crimson -  21st Century Schizoid man, Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes, Sweet Turn it Down., 

Dead , Jail or Rock n Roll

Yep, your a bit right, thats fairly eclectic innit?...


The first tune that got stuck in my head was What a Mouth by Tommy Steele, which i found buried in a pile of 45s my uncle owned but before you go mental, I was only six when I found it


And since that point in Reck n Roll history I have expanded expodentially in many varied directions, I mean King Crimson in a song list next to The Sweet ?..I would imagine Robert Fripp from Crimson going rather grumpy seeing that.
But then the whole list is a bit like that Chuck Berry next to The Sex Pistols, The Angels (or Angel City if your a yank) next to Wings, Kevin Johnson next to Michael Monroe and so on and so forth .


Now like I said , these tunes have been around a while, the newest one would probably be Michael Monroe from 1989 and the first would definately be Tommy Steele for release date two years before my birth from 1960 which slightly pipped Chuck Berrys "Let it Rock"


The list has some dead set legends in it (Led Zep, Bowie, Neil Young,  DC5, Johnny Cash) and some that came that close its not worth talking about (Mott, Rosey Tatts, Golden Earring, Michael Monroe) and some that have gone down in music history for reasons both good and godawful (Kiss, Pistols, Meat Loaf, Wings) and one hit wonders (in Orstraylya anyway,  Ram Jam)


Yep, from Orstraylya to Blighty to the Seppo's ( and a glam rocker from Finland) my music tastes are decidely wacky But that can be said of just about everybody cant it , hell, wouldnt it suck if we all dug the same stuff...
raise your glasses to Rock n FKN Roll and to paraphrase The Sweet ...FOR GOD SAKES TURN IT UP

Seeya next time

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