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.Coop presents the Hollywood all his dead drunk friends

I do enjoy a Supergroup...if its done properly, and thats all subjective,  and by crikeys The Hollywood Vampires is spot on....When I heard that Alice was gonna do a cover album of all his favourite songs, some of which had been done by all his dead drunk friends, WELL, I was highly interested and keen for a copy....then he announced Joe Perry, a couple of original Alice Cooper band members, Sir Paul Macca AND Johnny Depp would be playing on it, all being produced by legend producer, Bob Ezrin,  I just had to buy the dang I did, here is the story......

In one interview club president Alice Cooper listed members as including Bernie Taupin, Harry Nilsson, Micky Dolenz, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and Keith Moon....

one photograph of the original lunatics  includes Micky Dolenz, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper, Marc Bolan, Keith Allison of Paul Revere & the Raiders and Jack 

Coop said ....The Speakeasy and Tramps were the place to be in London. There was a little loft at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in LA (W. Hollywood), they only had that for the club:

 the club was myself, Keith Moon, Ringo, Micky Dolenz, Harry Nilsson, it was that crowd, every night those same people. Every once in a while John Lennon would come into town or Keith Emerson and they would be honorable members of the night. They still have a plaque there at the Rainbow, where it says 'The Lair of the Hollywood Vampires."

Then came 2015, and Alice decided to do a homage to "all his dead drunk friends"   The Hollywood Vampires was formed . . The Hollywood Vampires released their debut studio album on September 11, 2015, as a tribute to the music of the original club members of the '70s. 

The album features appearances by Sir Paul Macca, Robby Krieger, Dave Grohl, Slash, Brian Johnson, Perry Farrell, and Zak Starkey amongst others, and is composed 98% of covers from the '70s with the exception of two new tracks written by Cooper and Depp titled "My Dead Drunk Friends"and "Raise the Dead".  

Also included is a voice-over titled "The Last Vampire" voiced by Christopher Lee. Being recorded shortly before his death, this marks Lee's final appearance on a musical record.  

Their debut performance was  held at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on September 16 and 17 of the same year, they then went on to play a slot at Rock in Rio and what a sterling job the boys did with Gunners Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum laying down the beat for the Vamps to do their thing.

Hollywood Vampires tracklist and credits thereof
The Last Vampire 
 (Christopher Lee)

Raise the Dead 
 (Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin, Tommy Henriksen, Alice Cooper, Bob Ezrin, Rob Klonel)

My Generation  
(Pete Townshend)

Whole Lotta Love
 (John Bonham, Willie Dixon, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant)

I Got a Line on You 
 (Randy California)

Five to One / Break On Through (To the Other Side) 
 (Jim Morrison / Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore)

One / Jump into the Fire 
 (Harry Nilsson)

Come and Get It 
(Paul McCartney)

 (Marc Bolan)

Cold Turkey 
(John Lennon)

Manic Depression 
 (Jimi Hendrix)

Itchycoo Park
 (Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane)

School's Out / Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2
 (Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith / Roger Waters)

My Dead Drunk Friends 
 (Johnny Depp, Bruce Witkin, Tommy Henriksen, Alice Cooper, Bob Ezrin)

Band Members
Alice Cooper – vocals
Joe Perry – guitar
Johnny Depp – guitar
Tommy Henriksen – guitar, vocals
Duff McKagan – bass
Matt Sorum – drums

The Muso's on the album
Alice Cooper – vocals, harmonica, backing vocals
Johnny Depp – guitar, backing vocals, keyboard
Dennis Dunaway – bass
Bob Ezrin – piano, keyboard, backing vocals
Perry Farrell – vocals, backing vocals

Dave Grohl – drums
Tommy Henriksen – guitar, backing vocals, programming
Brian Johnson– vocals
Charlie Judge – keyboard

Robby Krieger – guitar
Abe Laboriel Jr. – drums, backing vocals
Paul McCartney – vocals, piano, bass
Orianthi – guitar
Joe Perry – guitar

Slash – guitar
Neil Smith – drums
Glen Sobel – drums
Zak Starkey – drums

Joe Walsh – guitar
Kip Winger – bass guitar, backing vocals
Duff McKagan – bass guitar
Bruce Witkin – guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, piano

so there you go buy a copy ;)
seeya next time

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