Monday, June 23, 2014

A Recked DVD review: THUNDER @ WACKEN 2013

For a band that has done their "farewell "tour, the Thunder boys are remarkably busy...BUT..BIG F**KiNG DEAL, HUH?....

I first heard they were gonna do wacken last year and wondered if some clever lad will have dvds of the gig and sure enough there are I bought one...and its a bloody cracker

The boys got the big stage at, what looks like 3 or 4 in the avo, whenever time it was, the suns up and its cooking all kinds of headbanging europeans standing in the WackenDome watching 
Danny and the boys.

Now, I dunno if Thunder are not suited for Wacken or the crowd are unfamliar with 'em and hungoverbut the crowd dont seem that into it...I may be wrong of course.

Anyway, I like 'em and its a cracking gig ,,,so if you can find the dvd , get it, its a ripper....speaking of a farewell tour...I better finish the dvd review of that gig too, huh? picture of 'Arry !....bugger!

HOLY SNAPPING DUCK BOG...LOOK ITS THE GIG                                    ....your welcome...;)

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