Monday, June 23, 2014

A Recked DVD review: THUNDER Live at the end of the Road


I was much sad when i heard that this tour would be their last, turns out  they done a Farnham and just do spot gigs now instead of major  tours...but fear not, I shan't sue them like that wally tried to do to John  Farnham for stress and telling fibs.

One of my great musical disappointment's has been, not being able to  take Deb to a Thunder gig...

I got to see them at the Town & Country  club in Blighty back when Snake was playing bass for them, so I lucked out, BUT, they aint shy in producing concert dvds , so I got most of them and Deb and moi, sit down on occasion and rock out  to the  lads.

.{mental note to self: start Sophi on her Thunder addiction)..

{Thunder , when I first saw them}

Anyway, this is the last gig on the British wide tour that marked the end  of the entity known as Thunder...

I can imagine quite a few people were  bummed at the announcement, as was I, so those lucky few thousand  who got into the HammerBangSmith Odeodoo, for the final show ,  must of been feeling the grouse.

And the boys pulled no punches, they hit the stage running and pretty  much stayed there for the next 2 hours, of course they couldnt play  everybodys fave tunes, shit, they would still be there...

but they played a  damn fine selection....form all ends of the history of the's to Danny, Luke, bennie, "Arry and Chris ...much thanks  gents, heres to a  brighter future...YOU ROCK

Running time: 122 mins (main show).....Extras - Tour Montage (with exploding head) and a Photo Gallery.

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