Sunday, July 14, 2013

LIVE AND LOUD..Thunder goes off

Live gigs, I do enjoy a LOUD fkn concert by a rocking band  and it can be stated loudly and proudly, that I've had the great good fortune to see many of my personal, long time, favourites do their thing in a live situation

One of the best bands live (and yes I know that's all personal perspective) is that little old band from Blighty, called THUNDER...I've seen them a couple of times in the flesh and have a vast amount of purchased dvds of them doing their thing...including the End of the Road dvd ( that apparently wasn't, cause they toured with Mr Coverdale recently)

Personally, I've seen them at Donington and the Town and Country Club (when Snake was on bass)...two very interesting gigs with a few pommies scratching their noggins wondering how a aussie on holidays knew about a band that didnt sell product outside of the U.K (at the time)...

Suffice it to say, they were loud and sweaty and a good time was had by all and I walked out of said places intact and unharmed...always a bonus.

ANYWAY..Danny Luke, Harry, Benny and Childsy (and any previous members ) are one of the best pommy blues rock bands EVER...and yes,  I'm putting them in the company of Bad Company and Whitesnake.

SO... I bunged together a few tracks of them rocking, and some not so much, for you to get amongst, it covers various times with the band and some quiet little pub gigs by a collection of one or more members

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