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Everything Old is New Again

G'day, it occured to me the other day that there are some crackin bands getting about ...usually I find these bands courtesy of Classic Rock magazine or occasionally I hear a song on a movie soundtrack and go on the hunt and get some stuff ...ANYWHOO...here is a collection of bands that live on my mp3 gizmo that weren't formed in the 70's or 80's ...have look, have a listen and get amongst it.

according to BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR's official bio, the band's goal is "a simple one: to help put the 'roll' back in rock 'n' roll. . . High-energy performances, well-crafted anthems and an insatiable appetite for ruling the airwaves make BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR a must-see, must-hear culmination of euphonious excellence. With a full-length record, series of music videos and a summer tour in the works, BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR are a kinetic ball of symphonious fury, kicking ass and taking names the entire time. If it's a party you want, then you won't want to miss a second of the BLACKOUT SUPERSTAR journey."

Broken Chords is a trio made up of Kevin Spiers: Singer Songwriter, Joe Shaw: Drums and Mike Batsch: Electric Bass. Kevin has been writing acoustic ballads for many years. In 2010 he was joined by then 16 year old drummer Joe Shaw. The acoustic drums and percussion bought another element to the sound and connected brilliantly with the acoustic guitar. In 2011 Kevin met Mike Batsch an electric bass player from Taunton and the band was formed.

The band was originally formed in 2000. Taking influence from Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, Guns N' Roses, and Hanoi Rocks, Crashdïet built up a cult following with the release of their first demos, several of which were released on their official website via download. In 2002, the band split up, and vocalist Dave Lepard reformed the band with members from the current lineup, while the old members went to play in Repugnant and SubVision.

huge post-Zeppelin riffs and dramatic vocals that nod to the old Gods of NWOBHM all adding up to a pure headbanger’s delight

Electric River are an energetic group with elements of punk into a melting pot of rock and pop influences. The core of Electric River was formed when Chris Aldis and Will Whisson both moved to Kent in 2003 from very different parts of the world. (Will from Singapore and Chris from London.) They met at a festival after only being in Kent for a matter of days and ever since then the writing partnership has continued

EUPHORIA AUDIO is a Rock/Pop band from Wakefield, UK. Matt Shirty, Ben Lloyd, Ben Hughes and Josh Hughes create music for the airwaves, music for the broken hearted, the elated and those looking to be a part of something new, real and honest. EUPHORIA AUDIO is here for those who want to raise their hands, sing until their lungs burst and light the room with their mobile phones.

The Graveltones are a 2 piece heavy blues rock and roll band based in London.The Graveltones are influenced by artists such as Captain Beefheart, John Lee Hooker and Queens Of The Stoneage....The Graveltones formed in London in 2011 after 2 Australians, Jimmy O (Vocals & Guitar) and Mikey Sorbello (Drums & Noises) met in the famous Tin Pan Alley. 3 days after meeting in a studio for a jam they played their first gig at the 100 Club in London, February 2011.

Taking up from where bands like Deep Purple and Bad Company have left off, Heaven & Earth is on a mission to resurrect the sanctity of classic rock to its purist, most accessible form. Heaven & Earth fuses elements of hard rock, blues, even bits of classical, to create a potent blend of high-powered anthems, melodic rockers and introspective ballads that evoke the spirit of a magical era.....Tapping into the methodology and madness of old-school rock with a new-school attitude, Heaven & Earth are shaking their classic rock roots down to the very core on their newest effort, Dig (Quarto Valley Records). The album, produced by Dave Jenkins — who’s turned the knobs for everyone from Metallica to Tower of Power — and scheduled for an April 2013 release, features guitarist Stuart Smith, singer Joe Retta, bassist Chuck Wright, drummer Richie Onori and keyboardist Arlan Schierbaum, along with special guests Howard Leese (Heart, Paul Rodgers) and David Paich (Toto) and Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi).

Isolated Atoms are an English RocknRoll band from in the Black Country, in the English Midlands....The band consists of Grant Ashmand (Vocals), David Davies (Bass), Mark Neat (Guitars) and Jake 'Yang' Osei Tutu (Drums/Percussion)....During May and June 2011 Isolated Atoms visited Los Angeles where they performed at the Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Strip and appeared live on Time Warner's 'Focus In The Mix' Rock TV station with Denise Ames....July 2011 saw Isolated Atoms on the cover of US rock publication All Access Magazine where they were described as "the next British invasion".

Jettblack is a contemporary hard rock band from High Wycombe, England. They have released two studio albums, Get Your Hands Dirty (2010) and Raining Rock (2012).
Originally known as skate rock band Skirtbox, who released two albums between 2000 and 2003.

2008 took them touring with Airbourne and playing a variety of high profile summer festivals such as T in the Park, finishing off the year headlining the third stage at Hard Rock Hell Festival.

 the releasing of their debut album "Get Your Hands Dirty" occured on 7th June 2010. 

In 2011, Jettblack supported Australian rock group Grinspoon in their UK tour before embarking on their own co-headline tour with Heaven's Basement. They then played the Jägermeister Stage at Sonisphere UK 2011 where they were joined on-stage by two female fire-eaters during their song "Two Hot Girls". They also played a number of small acoustic sets at the festival that same day. In September 2011, They played at Merthyr Rock Festival before setting out on another UK in November with Fozzy.

On 30th May 2012 they played their first solo headlining show, at a launch party for their new album to a sold out crowd at the Borderline in London.
Their second album Raining Rock, was released on 4th June 2012.

Members: Sky Wood, Jaime Blake, Dominic Giannetta, Niol Sweeney, Noel Martin
Sounds Like: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Cry of Love....Jaime and Sky first started writing together in 2001. After some successful studio recordings, and one or two helpful words from those that count, they put the rumHoney band together and began to play the songs live.The music of rumHoney is a celebration of their roots. The sound is blues-based on the twin guitar attack of the great rock ‘n roll bands, such as Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, and The Rolling Stones – the same bands they grew up listening to and treasuring as rumHoney younglings. After some years working together rumHoney have developed their own sound and direction and have financed and produced their own music with no external assistance or influence

 Silver Arm are a band from rural England that draw on punk rock, post punk, noise and other things to create intense psychedelic music that will not hesitate to tear your face off like a horse with a machine gun.

The band are influenced by things like the beautiful green central Bedfordshire woodpecker, early 80s American hardcore, British post punk, fictional languages, heavy metal, The Supremes, the building of pyramids, The Stooges, Devo, tales of rural terror both historical and current, The Mothers Of Invention, The 13th Floor Elevators, the traditional biscuit and shoe-making industries, Fugazi, Sonic Youth, the exploration of new continents and planets and the frigid air that drifts through the copses and lanes of England in the 21st century, which is the same air that drifted through them a thousand years ago.

McBride started playing the guitar when he was ten. By age 15 he entered Guitarist Magazine’s Young Guitarist of The Year, a performance competition staged that year at Wembley Conference Centre, which he won....Less than a year later, a few months after his sixteenth birthday, McBride was recruited by the Belfast-based metal band Sweet Savage, which reformed in 1994 without their founding guitarist, Vivian Campbell (Dio, Def Leppard), who McBride replaced. He toured with the band and recorded two albums, Killing Time 1996 and Rune 1998.

After leaving Sweet Savage in 1998, he joined fellow Irishman Andrew Strong, who made his name in the 1991 cult film The Commitments and went on to establish a singing career. Playing with Strong was in stark contrast to Sweet Savage, involving mostly of soul, R&B and some pop songs. 

In 2008 McBride released his debut album, Rich Man Falling on Nugene Records, a boutique label with a specialisation in guitarists and blues-based artists. The album contains covers of Be My Friend originally by Free (band) and the Jimi Hendrix song Power of Soul.
His 2010 sophomore release Since Then (Nugene Records) gained him nominations in the British Blues Awards.

By this time he had opened shows in the UK and Ireland for Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa and US slide guitarist Derek Trucks. In autumn 2010 he toured the UK supporting one of his early guitar heroes, Joe Satriani. In 2011 he played major festivals including Glastonbury Festival, and other gatherings including a special guest spot at Don Airey’s Soul & Blues Festival.

Formed by Tom and his younger brother, guitarist Jack, Sondura have the songs, the sound and the dedication to become the next big British rock band of the 21st century. Propelled furiously along by the air-tight rhythm section of bassist Steve Dillon and drummer Fred Green, the London-based quartet have struck upon a uniquely powerful and accessible signature sound that combines the crushing , belligerent sonic might of Black Album-era Metallica with the incisive radio-friendly sensibilities of Nickelback and the edgy verve of Hundred Reasons; a fresh and invigorating collision of styles, custom-built to send Sondura the name means hard sound - rocketing from the enervating slog of the UK toilet circuit to the realms of bona fide rock stardom.

Ultimately, for Sondura its all about the power of the song. As showcased on their debut 3-track EP, these young men have already developed an astute grasp of the melodic candour and dynamic oomph required to send shivers of recognition and elation down the spines of the masses. From the breathless, pit-friendly onslaught of lead track Lights Out, through to the dark, fluid swagger of Antics and the pounding, emotive balladry of the closing Fake, this is a bold and startling statement of intent.

The band was founded back in 2007 under the name L.A. Prostitutes by 4 guys sharing the same passion for rock *N* Roll and the time when rock stars were rock stars. Change of name to St. Prostitute took place late 2011. Besides the Korsholm Brothers (Fussy – Lead Vocal, Morten – Lead Guitarist), St. Prostitute includes the hard hitting drummer Jack Andy, the bass player Jones Bak and Kris Freeze on guitar, making the band an explosive cocktail of uncompromised, melodic & extremely powerful Rock *N* Roll!! In April 2011, St. Prostitute got the honor of playing at ”Fredags Rock In Tivoli, Copenhagen”. In front of more than 12.000 excited audiences, the band supported the legendary Danish veterans Pretty Maids. Through the years St. Prostitute has played some of Denmark’s most respected venues. In January 2010, St. Prostitute was on a PR Tour in California, USA playing at The Viper Room and Whiskey A*GO*GO in Hollywood, Wasted Space (Hard Rock Hotel) in Las Vegas as the first Danish band ever. Later that year the band was asked to play at the festival ”In The Palace Festival” in Bulgaria.

“The Treatment were formed in 2008, when founder member drummer Dhani Mansworth was still at school in Cambridge . Although only 15 at the time he already had a clear vision of the kind of band he wanted to form. Having grown up on a diet of ACDC, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith he began to put the band together under the watchful eye of his father guitarist and manager Laurie Mansworth (More, Airrace, Roadstar).

Having had little success with local musicians he decided to go further afield. First to join the line up was 18 year old Ben Brookland from Tadley, he shared the same passion for classic bands as Dhani. Ben's unique guitar style suited the bill perfectly. Soon after came bass player Rick Newman (aka Swoggle) also 15. Rick's enthusiasm and solid bass sound fitted perfectly. Rick suggested that the band audition Tagore Grey his school friend and guitarist from Petersfield. Rick's recommendation was spot on as Tag's guitar style was exactly what they had been looking for. The boys passion for the band was proved when they all packed bags and moved to Cambridge were they shared a home with The Mansworths so they could focus completely on the band and rehearse on a daily basis.

After a 6 month search they found the final piece of the jigsaw. Matt Jones a 17 year old wonder kid hailing from Norwich . His high energy rock vocals was exactly what the guys were looking for. Matt moved to Cambridge within 1 week of joining the band and after locking themselves away to refine their sound, they emerged one year later, they were ready to showcase.

On March 2nd at The Borderline supporting Voodoo Six, Powerage A&R guru Derek Oliver came down to check out the bands set. He was very impressed and immediately signed the band.  They have just finished recording their first album ‘This Might Hurt’ (at Iron Maiden Steve Harris's Barnyard studios). The album was produced by Laurie Mansworth and mixed by Tony Newton of Voodoo Six.”

The Last Vegas are a hard rock band from Chicago whose style draws from glam, punk, and sleaze metal. Composed of Chad Cherry (lead vocals), John Wator (guitar), Adam Arling (guitar), Danny Smash (bass), and Nate Arling (drums), the band released the album Whatever Gets You Off, in April 2009, on Eleven Seven Music. The album was produced by Nikki Sixx, Sixx:A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba, as well as Marti Frederiksen....The Last Vegas are a hard rock band with influences from genres including glam rock, heavy metal, and punk rock, citing influences such as Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, Mötley Crüe, Cheap Trick, and Skid Row. They hail from Chicago, Illinois and have performed all over the world since 2003.

After  Thunder went into semi - retirement in 2009, guitarist Luke Morley announced that he had formed a new group with Pete Shoulder, whose previous band, Winterville, had split in 2007. The band was to be called The Union. The pair had met each other eight years previously and had "worked together ever since whenever our previous commitments allowed us time". Chris Childs (also previously in Thunder) and Phil Martini (from Down 'n' Outz) were later named as the bassist and drummer respectively for the band, although not as 'full' members of the group, as they intend to have a more "fluid line-up".

The Union made their live debut on 15 December 2009, at The Relentless Garage in London. The show was filmed for a live DVD, which was released with their debut album. It was announced in February 2010 that the band were to play at that year's inaugural High Voltage Festival,  they played the Main Stage on Saturday 24 July.
The band's debut single, "Step up to the Plate", was premiered on Planet Rock on Thursday 18 March, and was available to download from the band's website.  The band's second single, "Black Monday", was available as a free download in mid-May.
The Union's eponymous debut album was originally scheduled to be released on 16 August 2010; however it was eventually released a week later, on 23 August 2010."Watch the River Flow", the band's third single, was released on 25 October. It was followed on 13 December by "This Time Next Year" which was the first official 'ChildLine Rocks' single.

At the Classic Rock Awards on 10 November 2010, The Union were named the best new band of the year.
The Union supported Thin Lizzy on tour in January 2011, supported Triggerfinger on a tour of Belgium and The Netherlands in March 2011  and opened for Whitesnake when they toured the UK in June.

Ulysses is an indie rock band formed by Robert Schneider (lead vocalist of The Apples in Stereo) along with John Ferguson and Ben Fulton in the spring of 2003. Robert Beatty (of Hair Police) joined later that year. They released their first album, 010, on October 26, 2004 through Eenie Meenie Records. The album was released in mono.
While touring Spain with The Apples in stereo, Schneider was inspired to write "Push You Away", the first song written for 010. Schneider began writing other songs for the album as well.
Schneider's main influences for the band's songs were The Velvet Underground and My Bloody Valentine.
In Lexington, Kentucky, the band formed by impulse when Schneider invited Ferguson and Fulton to organize songs for Schneider's other side project, Marbles. Schneider asked them to first play his set of 10 songs, and Ulysses was born. The band recorded the album 010 live in Schneider's garage studio, in mono with the drums and amplifiers situated symmetrically around a single microphone. The album was released on Eenie Meenie Records.
In the process of writing and recording 010, Schneider's marriage with Apples in Stereo bandmate Hilarie Sidney ended.

Voodoo Vegas are a hard rocking 5 piece rock band from the south coast. They’ve toured the UK, been on Total Rock FM amongst many radio stations, featured in Classic Rock Magazine, NME and have played many major venues such as the Opera House and Mr Kyps supporting high profile bands

Voodoo Vegas original compositions are high-energy rock, and they have shared stages with any number of great bands including The Quireboys, Ginger, Waysted, and most of the UK’s Top Rock Tribute acts, toured the UK with American Dog, and used that time in whipping the audience into a frenzy and making themselves a hard act to follow. 

Stalwart members, Lawrence Case – vocals / harmonica; Nick Brown – guitar / acoustic guitar / backing vocals; Ash Moulton – bass guitar / backing vocals and Chris Mackonochie – drums; were joined by their new female guitarist, Merylina Hamilton.

SO...there you go...a few newish bands I like...google 'em I insist

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