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I'll finish of a spate of blogs I completed this weekend with a quick one one about that Wilson in Kevin Bloody

I've had the great good pleasure to see Kev a couple of times fave was probably the first tour he did after he cracked the national conciense, I attended said concert with the cousin, the late great CHICKA POWELL..(RIP BLOKE)

Kev was born Dennis Bryant in 1947 in Sydney, but created the little aussie yobbo character after he got his start singing after moving to Western Australia in 1980...while he was a sparky in the gold mines of Kalgoorlie, he was already writing songs and started playing in clubs and pubs as a hobby

in the 70's he had a band called Bryant Dennis and the country club, he also had  radio show on 6kg in kalgoorlie for 7 years (73-80), until he got chucked off for playing the parody song "I'm heaving on a jet plane"...miserable buggers.....He pulled the pin on Kalgoorlie and he went to Perth and started playing some of his more bawdy songs in pubs and football clubs....

Kev put together a cassette in 84 called "Your Average Australian Yobbo" ..he sold it at gigs and by mail order ...eventually selling 22,0000 ...not a bad effort huh....and without the aid of radio or TV coverage (due to the squareheads not liking his explicit, crude theme of his songs and general humour), he has built up a widespread cult following.

Kevin appeared on the popular television show Enough Rope with Andrew Denton in October 2008, which resulted in the show's highest ratings of the year. On the show he told of how he met his wife Betty, who was originally from Kalgoorlie, but lived in Perth at the time they met. She had returned to the town to visit friends and her brother who still lived there and they met when she attended one of his shows. Betty, who was in the studio Audience, told Denton that Kev was a romantic who regularly bought her flowers.....

Mind you he does do straight songs , he wrote and recorded with Adam Harvey "The Genie in the Bottle" spent more than 6 weeks at the top of the country charts  and the video hit the # 1 spot in 2008

AND it runs in the family, Kev's daughter Tammy Jo Bryant, under the stage name JennyTalia, sings similar songs to her dad but written from the woman's perspective...BIT of a get square then Kev...HAHHAA....

Kev also owns the recording and production studio Paramount Media in Wanneroo WA ...this is were he produces albums and dvds and on the odd occasion does a pilot for tv

Kev spends about 6 months overseas touring ....Kev likes to go to smaller towns , cause he reckons thats were his people are......

Interesting tour tale...Kev went to Canada a few years ago and it was suggested that due to the taboo of the word c**t he wasnt allowed to say it whilst in Canada...Kev took this suggestion on board , walked on stage and the first song he did was "you cant say c**t in Canada"


your average aussie yobbo 1984
Kev back (the return of the yobbo) 1985
Born again Piss Tank 1987
My australian roots 1989
Lets call him ...Kev 1991
Nashville trash 1993
Let loose live in london 1993
Kev Kristmas 1996
Kalgoorlie love songs 1998
The second kummin of Kev 2001
let loose live in the outback 2002
excess all areas 2009

the lovable larikkin 1990
The Far Canal Album 1990
The worst of Kevin Bloody wilson 1992
Backout from the Outback 1994
20 years of Kev 2004

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