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Lobby was born in Longreach QLD his mum played classical piano and his dad, a builder by day, played drums, harmonica, horn piano and trumpet in a 18 peice R&B band...he built his first guitar , then his dad gave a Fender and, as Barry Lynd, he joined The Devils Disciples (sounds like a bike club, but it wasn't) and then joined The Stilletto's which played similar stuff to The Shadows 

Lobby was playing  in Brisbane with his own group The Impacts and the boys got the support slot for the upcoming 1965 tour by The Rolling Stones, but found a band with the same name and quickly changed it to the Purple Hearts.....named after pep pills favored by soldiers NOT the award for bravery....around this time people started calling him Lobby cause thats what he did to get gigs HE LOBBIED...they changed the e in Lyde to an O cause it sounded better and thus came the arrival of LOBBY LOYD

1967 in Melbourne saw Lobby joining Wild Cherries, originally a jazz group, they moved to hard rock, Lob wrote all the Cherries hits and then after a year hooked up with Thorpey in 1971 playing on the album, "The Hoax is Over", then went on to reform  the cherries agin with a couple of ex-Aztecs Johnny Dick and Teddy Toi it was this line-up that recorded G.O.D (Guitar Over Drive) a 15 min spectacular although he managed to trim in down to five mins for a performance on GTK ....The Cherries lasted until January 72 after the Sunbury Festival was time to get some BALLS


The Colored Balls formed in March 1972 with Andrew Fordham, Jim MIglans and Trevor young...the first single (and my personal favourite) LIberate Rock was released...they then recorded stuff for an album due to be called "ROCK YOUR ARSE OFF"..but they didnt release it till 1976 as THE FIRST SUPPER LAST....Loydie had a fascination with volume and what the physics of it did to punters at gigs.

(Guitar Overdive)

Lobby hooked up with Thorpey and Leo de Castro to play at Sunbry 73, they were recorded and it was released on the live album SUMMER JAM the album also had a 16 minute version of G.O.D ....

Ian miller replaced Andrew Fordham just after Sunbury The Balls released a few more singles including Mess of Blues and thier debut album Ball Power...Lobby and the lads supported Marc Bolan & T Rex ( yeah I cant see it either) .

Colored Balls recorded the album "HEAVY METAL KID" which had the hit single "Love you babe" was around this time that it officially became a life threatening situation to attend a Colored Balls gig, for some reason that no one can explain the infamous sub genre of aussie youth THE SHARPIES took a liking to Lobby's awesome volume and they attended his gigs all over the city and suburbs, but, like I said , anyone else who wasnt a sharp, took their life in their hands trying to see Loydy play...I dunno whether Lobby ever tried to set the sharps straight, probably wouldnt have done any good, Hell, they might have turned on him the end of 74 Lobby pulled the pin on the Balls ..At the end of 1976, the sharpie thing got so bad, Lobby packed up and moved to England to escape the music press that kept saying shit like people got bashed because of Lobby Loyd and similar bollocks ......

Lobby came back to Sydney after the hassle with the sharps died down and hooked up with Pete Wells and the boys in Rose Tattoo, playing bass, for a year, the band released "Legalise Realise" with the B side "Bong on Aussie"...he toured the states and Europe  with the Tatts then handed the bass spot over to Geordie Leech.

Angry Anderson was quoted as saying "More than anyone else, Lobby helped create the aussie guitar sound..long before Thorpey or Angus Young, Lobby inspired aussie muso's to play as loud and aggressively as possible."


Lobby turned his attentions more to producing at this stage, working with Ian Rilens X, The Sunnyboys , Machinations and Painters & Dockers..


Lobby produced Buster Brown, which had Angry on vocals and Phil Rudd on drums and he also had a crack at taming Ian Rilen and his band X ...dunno how that went..;)

I must say up front that the duo of Lobby and those looneys from Painters and Dockers make for a bizarre mix...BUT IT WORKED.

His producing talents must be damn near as awesome as his guitar talent..cause he done some aussie classics..the sunnyboys, machinations and Kevin Borich all shined under his tenure on the desk.


Anyway...I only saw Lobby once or twice at random jams through the years...then I heard he had been diagnosed with cancer and the aussie music world put together a benefit for the great man, he even played at it... LOUDLY....

Lobby outlived Thorpey, never would of picked that least they get to jam continually now..with Bailey on bass,  that young Wells fella on slide and with Bon on vocals...NOW THATS A LOUD FKN BAND


Lobby loyd - plays with George Guitar 1971
Colored Balls - Summer Jam 1973
Colored Balls - Ball Power 1973
Colored Balls - heavy metal kid 1974
Lobby Loyd - Obsecration 1976
Lobby Loyd with Sudden Electric - Live with Dubs 1980
Lobby Loyd - Beyond Morgia The labryniths of Klimster 1976 (released 2007)



here is a few of the bands that Lobby worked his magic on.

Buster Brown - something to say 1974
X - X-Aspirations 1979
The Sunny Boys 1980
Machinations -Average Inadequency 1981
Kevin Borich - Shy BoyShy Girls 1981
The Sunny boys - Individuals 1982
Kevin Borich - getting so excited 1982
Models - on 1982
Machinations - Esteem 1983
Painters and Dockers - love planet 1984
X - at home with you 1985
Painters and Docker - kiss my art 1988
X - and more 1989

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