Wednesday, April 24, 2013



GLAM know what I liked about glam rock?...apart from the abundance of hooks in the tunes, I enjoyed the fact that the performers gave half a shit about their appearance...

If I have to guess at what my first taste of Glitter Rock was it would have to be either Sweet or Slade ...maybe of them anywho...


Now, strangely enough, a stack of my mates thought bands like The Sweet and Gary Glitter were a touch light in the loafers, yet they believed Bowie and Bolan were butch as ...still cant figger that one out...

Anyway, I'm big fan of anybody who went above and beyond the call of duty when it came down to the whole package...don't get me wrong, those that know me or read my blogs know I like, Asia, a smidge of YES and a hint of Emerson, Lake and Palmer...but frig moi, that lot were a bit dull on stage, lets be honest ....


To be BLUNT...I like showoff's...someone with a dash of flash and guts...

You will have probably noticed by this stage that I've also added Smokie and The Bay City Rollers...WHATS THAT YOU SAY? the Rollers and Smokie !!...AND once again, their in cause, they didnt exactly wear jeans and torn t-shirts and stare at their feet on stage AND they had some great tunes ( mostly Smokie, the Rollers belong to the missus's)...

A funny Rollers story just came flashing back, The Rollers were in Sydney and every chick we knew were camped outisde the Hilton (I think) so us being the rock dudes we were , we headed into town to pick up chicks..and to be fair we were doing o.k ..Till..f**king old mate yells out, and I quote "WOODY'S A POOF"..almost as one about 7 zillion birds turned as one and proceded to kick the shit out of us...I found out later my missus Deb was there..wonder if she joined in on the stomping..must ask one day......

I also  seem to remember the same guy getting us in trouble the night Leif Garrett was at Roselands..he mouthed off and we got whooped that night too, must hunt him down and kick him in the nuts.


And then there was Alvin Stardust, Suzi Quatro and of course the leader of the gang, Gary Glitter...criminal behaviour aside, he was a helluva showman and done a few cool tunes, as for Suzi and Alvin, well..Suzi still has a proud place in my record collection, chick can rock like no one else...saw her in Sydney a yonk or two ago...rockin show if memory serves, as for Stardust, hell I still got an Alvin record, find me someone who didnt like Coo Caa Choo and i'll show you a miserable arsehat...last time I heard of Alvin, was his Eurovision entry back in '85...he done alright and came third, it was after this slid off my radar

NOW, you will probably go "what tha" because I added Reggie Dwight to the list...BUT...think about it , do you remember what he used to walk around in back in the 70's ?....wasnt exactly subdued..he had more glitter than a top of the pops taping...I mean WOW..he stuck out like dogs nuts didnt he ...even when he came to Sydney during his coke binging days in the 80's he was done up like a sore thumb...BUT tunes for days...a true legend of music in general.


SO, there you go...Narara and sunburn and Aussie greatness one week  to a mountain of shiny happy rockers the next ...yep, I do like a mixture dont I

Seeya next time 


  1. No Mud???
    No Showaddywaddy???
    No Silverhead???


  2. Well...thats 3 bands I know nothing about...shall investigate fifthwith

  3. great stuff man. of course there are tons of bands worth mentioning, but here's a concise introduction to the glam rock universe. respect!