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SO...a Bon Jovi blog...I must admit to being a big fan first time I heard them, Runaway  and Tokyo Rose,  are still in my top 20 Jovi tunes...then came bloody "Slippery" ...geez,  what a album , 20 something million in the first couple of years, critics hated it, but that  only shows that crtics know a darn site less than f**k all really, now dont it?

I bought a copy of Slippery, wore the damn thing out too, just quietly,  as well...hell, went  to see the boys at the Sydney Ent Cent on the Slippery tour...unlike a few of my mates  who went, who were determined not to enjoy, and I quote, the bloody poof's..I went with  ears open, as is my usual state of listening to music, which is probably why I can listen to  Bon Jovi, Motorhead, Slim Dusty , Poison and Metallica all in the same song list...

anyway  by the time the Choirboys and Bon Jovi were done with the lads, the boys was amongst  the converted,  sadly the rest of the world aint as forthcoming and if memory serves, me  and the boys had to fight our way out of a pub near the centre that night after the gig,  thats something i'll never understand EVER...why just because somebody likes a band  that some bogun f**khead doesnt ..said first person deserves an arse kicking, if anyone  can explain that too me, give me a hoi and explain it to me....

ANYWAY, BON JOVI ..right?....here is a fun fact that I only just found out...you know  Skid Row , right?...the other New Jersey band ...

well their founder Dave "Snake" Sabo  was the guitarist on Runaway...he got replaced by Ritchie by the time the first album  proper came out , but Jon remembered his mate and helped get Skid Row signed...nice  fella that Jon....ANYWHOO..... after the Slippery tour, rest assured that regular  purchases of Jon Bon Jovi product was a regular occurence, and I seen him a few more  times as well, Sydney on the New Jersey tour and at Olympic park on the Lost Highway  tours and I caught him in the states and Holland a couple of times as well, probably the  only good thing (for the fans) was the way Doc McGee managed the band, he worked  'em till they almost dropped, us out front didnt know it, cause Jon and the boys dont half  arse it EVER...anyway, they flicked Doc after 29 months straight of touring...f**k me,   they woulda been seeing triple by that stage I reckon...so the boys took a well deserved  break...about all we heard from Jon during his holiday was the Young Guns soundtrack  which gave us "Blaze of Glory"..

.the boys re-grouped for the recoding of KEEP THE  FAITH...but bass player Alex decided that his state of mind and his physical well being  could not and would not handle anymore touring andhe retired, Jon reached out and got  another mate Huey McDonald to take up the bass position, which he still hold's till this  very day.

The resulting release, Keep the faith is a brilliant frikkin slab of rock as well..except the  press focused on Jon haircut instead of the tunes...WTF!!...frikkin media, drooling  dickheads sometimes, really.. a great album the length of his hair got more page inches  that the songs...amazing waste of fkn talent there muso reporters

I sorta lost track of Jon and the boys after Keep the Faith , what with divorces and other  shit going on in ReckyVille....then came the album called CRUSH...and my faith in Bon  Jovi was still intact..what a great fkn album, probably the best since New Jersey...but  thats all subjective I guess.

Have you seen the doco "When we were beautiful" ?....I only just watched it when the  Madison square gig came out on dvd, and I didnt realise that Jon is truly the boss and all  the band members are employees and they seem quite fine with that set-up so who am I  to question corporate formation.

Seeya next time

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