Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rockin the hard way..ITS AEROSMITH

I was sitting at home the other day listening to the mighty Aerosmiths latest release and the thought kicked me up the arse that, considering, the "Smiths are one of my all time favourite bands, I hadnt homage'd the boys with a blog....PROBLEM SOLVED...here it is

The first Aero album I heard was after a visit to Eutopia records and getting talked into buying the Live album from '78..so this would of been middle of 79 I guess, well, to say i was hooked is an understatement, little did I know that the band at this stage were almost kaput...they were about to do the infamous monastry album and were just about rooted...BUT...lets talk Aerosmith.

Steven Tyler was on vacation with his parents in lake Sunapee after being in various bands that even made a single or two , when he saw The Jam Band..starring Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton, almost instantly, Tyler decided that he had to play in a band with Perry and within a short time the original line-up of Aerosmith was formed...after adding Joey Kramer and Ray Tabano on rhythm guitar that is....

the boys decided to move to Boston, I guess because of all the Colleges and Universitys and all the rock fans therein, after a bit Ray Tabano pulled the pin...and Brad Whitford signed up for his intial stint ....The boys were getting a bit of a

buzz going and a showcase gig for Columbia Records was booked at Max's Kansas City in New York..yeh, I dont get it either..anyway....well, they impressed the powers that were and got put in the studio to do the first album...problem was, when the release date was annouced, label mate, Bruce Springsteen released Greetings fro Ashbury Park the same week and Columbia put more time into the Boss then 'Smith and the debut went nowhere.

"Smith managers Leber and krebs got a bit pissed off and sent the band on a touring binge  and by the time they got released the album's, GET YOUR WINGS, TOYS IN THE ATTIC & ROCKS, the famous "Blue Army" was firmly in place and success was a given and gold records and truckloads of cash duly arrived....BUT...with cash come's toys,cars, houses and DRUGS and to suggest that Aerosmiths were slightly more than dabblers by this stage is an understatement..

.then came DRAW THE LINE recorded at a deserted monastry and due to the chemical intake of the band ...well, quite frankly the album was the drizzling shits.....and the tour following this was too long and at a gig in 1979 in Cleveland Tom Hamiltons wife and Joe perry wife got into it and Joe said fuckit and bailed, he  formed the Joe perry Project....

the band carried on with Jimmy Crespo for a bit but Tylers drug habit was becoming diabilating,  Brad had  enough and split to record with Derek St Holmes...management brought Rick Dufay on board and the touring continued...and after tyler collapsed AGAIN on the stage at. Tom Hamiltons feet

Crespo and Dufay are no slouches by any stretch of the imagination BUT they werent Perry and Whitford and thats what held them

the original lineup re-formed in 84 and the band released Done with Mirrors..which should of been called DONE WITH MIRRORS COVERED IN COCAINE AND SMACK...a deadset shocker,terrible fkn album...blocked it out of my memory until just now....86 rolled around and rap group Run DMC  did a cover of Walk this way, with Tyler and perry guesting on the track..

.this was the kicker Aerosmith needed and interest increased..it was decided at this point that the band needed to dry out, especially Steven who now had a permanent case of heroin induced writers block...eventually all the band did re-hab and they were ready to take back their crown as the biggest band in America

Then came one of my favourite albums PERMANENT VACATION...some people dont like it, well, good on them, I like it..especially the tracks Permanent vacation, Simoriah and I'm down...I did like dude looks like a lady,  but it got flogged to death down here in aussie and I got sick of it.....

Aerosmith then buried themselves in the studio and put together PUMP...this was the album that brought them back to their rightful status as America's Greatest Rock band..great fkn album top to bottom, fave track would be ..,..um..F*I*N*E or Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional,  if you like the long title......

.lots of people liked Jamies got a gun and yes its a great song with a haunting message, I'm sticking to FINE...this album also produced the tour were I saw the boys blow the roof off the entrtainment centre
in Sydney...rockin gig indeed!

Since that tour the band have put out a string of product that is both great and goobie's, but that's just my opinion...I swear by GET A GRIP and NINE LIVES but could quite easily avoid JUST PUSH PLAY, matter of fact I did...got the new one MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION..its still growing on me,  but so far, thus far.........

and they have had their moments over the years, Steven fell off stage and busted his shoulder a while back and that with a divorce and assundry mountains of shit he fell off the wagon, matter of the fact the fuckin thing run  him over...BUT...his back and smiling, so that's cool AND his did AMERICAN IDOL...about time they had an actual rock star on their giving help to the maybe great.

by the by, I just saw the Steven Tyler interview he did with Oprah Winfrey...and all I  can say is WOW..just..WOW..if you can get to see it, do so, you wont be annoyed at the end

SO, there you go...my overdue Aerosmith homage....


  1. Excellent! Love all of the pictures used throughout, kind of brings the history to life! Rock on!

  2. thanks for making this page, really interesting, and love the photos, and information about the unknown band members. thanks again.

  3. Oh, yea, I saw them about 8 times back in the day. I couldn't really tell that they were F'd up much, I guess that's because I was so F'd up when seeing them.