Sunday, August 26, 2012

NEVER TOO LOUD..The Tatt's Live

If there was one thing you could guarantee when you ventured out to a beer barn back in the day, it was that you were, more than likely,  have a rocking night, of course then, as now, there was a segment of the audience that believed beating shit outta someone was top entertainment...happily, along with myself, there was thousands of rock'n'roll fans who went for the tunes.

A recent RNR blog I posted praised the efforts of one Murray Engleheart and his book BLOOD, SWEAT & BEERS and in that vein,we shall continue with gig storys...and with one band in particular The Rosey Tatts....

I used to frequent a couple of pubs that had regular gigs, among those was the Sundowner at Punchbowl on Canterbury Road, that place was a short walk from the original Casa Del Recky and was the most frequented, other regular joints were the Bexley North Hotel, Maroubra Seals, St Marys Band Club ( which was a trek unto itself) The Hordern for the big gigs and very briefly, The Bondi Lifesaver, I went to Cronulla Workers a couple of times, but those fkn Shire findicks didnt like westies coming into their house, so I didnt go there often, one thing could be guaranteed at any of the gigs, if you allowed it, you were gonna have a grouse old time...

I saw the Tatts quite a few times over the years in various incarnations..saw them at Narara, the Hordern, Bexley North, The Sunnie Downer, and the biggest gig I guess, was the night Bogga Road Jail got shut down, a mate of mine who worked at the Brissy GPO ( for I worked for Aussie Post at the time) got some tickets and gave me a shout to come have a few at the Caxton and go to the gig, who was I to say nup...and must say I thoroughly enjoyed every gig..BUT...f**k they were LOUD...I dunno which nuclear physisist designed their amps but they had house P.A's screaming for mercy on a regular basis...

And one thing about Angry,  he didnt take any fkn shit of rowdy punters, in a way similar to Lemmy from Motorhead, if anyone chucked stuff at the band, which was a sporting event back then,  they were offered around the back after the gig  to "get ya fkn teeth kicked in"...I dunno if anyone was stupid enough to take him up on the offer, but you would have to be a drooling nitwit to think you could take Angry, Digger or Wellsy, wouldnt ya ?.

Anyway...I got busy banging together a comp to share with you, my readers, I took a couple of bootlegs I've accumulated over the years and took tracks from them and made the comp on this blog...tracks include BAD BOY FOR LOVE, SHE'S GONE, & ONE OF THE BOYS from a Bondi Lifesaver gig...BUTCHER, MANZIL MADNESS, ASSAULT & BATTERY from a Horden Pavillion gig, STREET FIGHTING MAN, ROCK 'n' ROLL OUTLAW and GOING DOWN starring, the one and only, Thorpey , from the night The Tatts along with the Aztecs shut Boggo Road Gaol and finally from a gig in Prattel Switzerland in 2008, WE CANT BE BEATEN, NICE BOYS, STAND OVER MAN and NEVER TOO LOUD ...a nice little collection I must say and don't forget to crank the f**k out of it cause its the way it was meant to be heard.


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