Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reck'n'Rolls Top Five of :QUEEN

G;day, and welcome to the Top Five series, I dare say you will agree with some of my selections and quite possibly say i'm mad about other selections...First cab  off the rank is QUEEN...I been on a bit of a Queen binge the past couple of days , concerts, documentaries, interviews , what have you....I only found out the other day after watching this....

which is quite frankly one of the greatest band documentaries I've ever seen, that Queen have been around for 40 years and 20 of them have been without Freddie...thats just crazy innit? the tunes, now I dare say that you may very well disagree with me and thats cool, but here they are anyway...GET AMONGST IT

The king of the heap and the first purpose built music video

Roger Taylors young fella named the tune for him, Radio Ca-Ca...couldn't agree more

Freddie and the boys homage to Coronation Street, the yanks didnt get it, but who gives a ...

The Miracle, is quite simply a brilliant song...and the video concept is beyond brilliant

and finally...The Princes of the Universe, great song, great flick

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