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IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SONG - The Tale of Ted Albert & Alberts Music

I think its a fair bet that all of the bands listed on this blog have appeared at one time or another in their own personal blogaroo , so I wont go into massive detail about them, I will however tell the tale of the guy that had an inate genius as regards to aussie music and the record label he founded and subsequently had my 70s musically sorted

The Albert family landed in Sydney in 1884 and started a business repairing time pieces and violins in the city suburb of Newtown in 1885

They soon began importing and selling a wider range of musical instruments including a Boomerang mouth organ. The company trademarked the word 'boomerang' and stamped it on German manufactured mouth organs. The harmonicas were a run away success selling at a rate of 800 a week by reckon music was in their genes?

Many a yonk later ,  after running the ABC for a while  Frank Albert used the proceeds from the licence renewal to establish Radio Station 2UW, which is still going strong today
Over the next 50 years the J. Albert & Son empire gradually acquired interests in a network of eight stations which later morphed into the Macquarie Radio Network. The stations included 4BC in Brisbane, 3DB in Melbourne and 2CC in Canberra. Later still in the 1950s the company became a major shareholder in ATV Channel Seven.

In 1964 the Albert family founded Albert Productions, Australia's first independent record label devoted exclusively to signing and recording Australian pop artists. The Easybeats are the most successful artists to sign to the recording label....this is were Teds magic ear for a hit really began to spark

Early in 1972 Simon Napier-Bell, the English record producer was scouting for new talent in Australia and produced a few records for Alberts including 'Pasadena'. The song which was recorded by singer John Paul Young was written by former Easybeats's Vanda and Young with lyrics by David Hemmings. The single reached No. 16 on the Australian Singles charts in early 1972.

At the time Vanda and Young were still living in England but upon hearing of 'Pasadena's chart success and upon a request from Ted, they returned to Sydney.  In 1973 Alberts opened a recording studio in Boomerang House a building owned by the Albert family at 255 King Street in Sydney. ..

.it was in this hallowed space that Ted, Harry and George and their magical ears started turning out album after album and hit after was also here that the famous "7 nails" lived..George and Harry had a vast collection of drum beats on lengths of tapes hanging on the nails...some of Aussies greatest hits drum beats hung on the nails and were used

During the 1970s and the early 1980s Albert Studio became, quite possibly, the preeminent recording studio in Sydney, for recording contemporary music for artists, from William Shakespeare through to Rose Tattoo, Heroes, Cheetah, Choirboys and  AC/DC....with all of the artists supervised by the one person they all agree, was no one to be frigged with, Teds hand picked A&R boss Fifa Riccobono ....all the artists interviewed on Blood + Thunder spout nothing but glowing praise for the lady.

Alberts studio one was often rented out to non label artists ....bands like Cold Chisel laid down some deadset classics in the hallowed halls of Boomerang house,  blues music acts such as Graham Lowndes taped there and Alberts was also used for the recording of commercial radio jingles...rental fees are rental fees..Right?

Ted invested huge sums of time and money equipping Alberts with state-of-the-art recording technology and the facility was gradually expanded to accommodate three studios. 
In 1988 Albert and producer Tristram Miall established a film production company called M&A Productions (Miall & Albert) to pursue film ideas and opportunities in the music and dance genre. 

Ted Albert had attended Sydney's Wharf Theatre to watch a stage play called 'Strictly Ballroom' written and directed by Baz Luhrmann. Tristram Miall bought the film rights and commissioned Luhrman to write and direct the film adaption. Albert spent three years raising film finance. In recognition of his contribution to the local music industry, Ted Albert was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award at the annual ARIA Awards

 In November 1990 Albert suffered a fatal heart attack at home. His wife Antoinette (Popsey) Albert assumed the role of Executive Producer to see production to completion.
The year after Ted passed , the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) established the annual Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Service to Australian Music.

In 2007 Albert Music acquired the Origin Network Company which manage the copyrighted work and music catalogues of the Australian recording artists Lee Kernaghan, Richard Clapton, Rogue Traders, Mike Brady, Paul Grabowsky, Joe Dolce, Chris Neal, Cezary Skubiszewski, Parrish Muhoberac, and Paul Wiltshire.

AC/DC..Rose Tattoo..Paulini..Megan Washington..Minus The Bear..The Seabellies..The Basics..Shelley Harland..Eulogies..Bad Veins..Dallimore..The Dears..Darker My Love..Sea Wolf..Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs..Breed 77..Dallas Crane..George Young..Graham Lowndes
happylife..Harry Vanda..Aleesha Rome..John Paul Young..Oblivia..Skybombers
Stevie Wright..The Choirboys..The Answer..The Easybeats..The Marcus Hook Roll Band
The Missing Links..The Throb..The Angels..San Cisco..William Shakespeare (John Cave)
It’s all about the Song!



Mashed Potato (single Version) - Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs
Sick & Tired - Billy Thorpe and The Azetcs
She's So Fine - The Easybeats
We 2 Should Live - The Missing Links
Shakin' All Over - The Missing Links
Women (Make You Feel Alright) - The Easybeats
Black - The Throb
Over The Rainbow (single version) - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
I Told The Brook (single version) - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
Sweet And Tender Romance - Bobby & Laurie
The Fortune Teller - The Throb
Kansas City - The Missing Links
Sorry - The Easybeats
Hitch Hiker - Bobby & Laurie
Try To Remember - New World
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You - The Imagination
Julia - Ted Mulry
Love Is a Beautiful Song - Dave Mills
Working My Way Back To You - Bobbi Marchini
Falling In Love Again - Ted Mulry
Pasadena - John Paul Young
You're All Woman - Ted Mulry
St Louis - The Easybeats
Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats
Good Times - The Easybeats


Evie (Let Your Hair Hang Down) - Stevie Wright
Evie (Evie) - Stevie Wright
Evie (I'm Losing You) - Stevie Wright
It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - AC/DC
Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again - The Angels
Bad Boy For Love - Rose Tattoo
Never Gonna Die – Choirboys
We Are The Kids – Dallimore
Need Your Love (radio edit) - Ray Arnott
Let There Be Rock - AC/DC
Comin' Down - The Angels
Shadow Boxer - The Angels
Who Made Who - AC/DC
Dirty Hearts - Dallas Crane
It Goes Off – Skybombers
The Time I Found My Feet – Knievel
Trans Ending – Seabellies
Curiosity - Dallas Crane
We Can't Be Beaten - Rose Tattoo
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC


Can't Stop Myself From Loving You - William Shakespeare
Jump In My Car - Ted Mulry Gang
Down Among The Dead Men - Flash and The Pan
Excuse Me - Alison MacCallum
Yesterday's Hero - John Paul Young
My Little Angel - William Shakespeare
Darktown Strutters Ball - Ted Mulry Gang
Hey St Peter - Flash and The Pan
Standing In The Rain - John Paul Young
Jamaica Rum - Ted Mulry Gang
Walking In The Rain - Doc Neeson #
Spend The Night – Cheetah
Time After Time - Mark Williams & Tara Morice
In The Dark - Shelley Harland
Ain't It Nice - Ted Mulry
Love Is In The Air - John Paul Young
Honey Dip - (radio version) - Daniel Amalm
Search My Heaven - Aleesha Rome
Show No Mercy - Mark Williams


Lazy River – Harry Vanda and George Young
Been And Gone - Cool Bananas
Survival's A Song (Lazybones) - Graham Lowndes
Blue Sunny Sky Day - Wendy Grose
The Girl On The Five Dollar Note - The Prodigal Sons
Brumby Jack - Alex Hood
How About A Beer For The Horse - Sandshoe Willie & The Worn Out Soul Band
Love Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me - Unit 4 + 2
Care For Kids - The Kids
You Drive Me Crazy - John Paul Young
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White - The Magnetics
Flaming Heart (radio edit) - Ray Arnott
Working For The Man – BAD
Picture Show Man – John Meillon and John Ewart
The Warrior - Johnny Dick
Day Is Done - Wayne Jury
Mundane – Valve
Snow Queen - Rose Tattoo
Planned Obsolescence - The Angels
Open That Door - The Angels
Street Fighting Man - Rose Tattoo

She's So Fine (live) – Melbourne Awards Show - The Easybeats
My Kind Of Music (live) - Stevie Wright
Crazy (live) – Ted Mulry Gang
Darktown Strutters Ball (live) – Festival Hall Melbourne - Ted Mulry Gang
She's Got Balls (live) – Bondi Lifesavers - AC/DC
Who Rings The Bell (live) – The Elizabethan Theatre, Sydney - The Angels
Going Home (live) - The Angels
Bad Boy For Love – (Live 1979) - Rose Tattoo
Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw – (Live 1979) - Rose Tattoo
Dirty Hearts (live) - Hordern Pavillion 2004 - Dallas Crane
Tonight! (There's a Party Going Down) (live) – Annandale - Dallas Crane
Comin' Down (live) - The Angels
Shoot To Thrill (Live at River Plate ) - AC/DC
Evie (Let Your Hair Hang Down) (live) - Sydney Opera House Forecourt - Stevie Wright
Evie (Evie) (live) - Sydney Opera House Forecourt - Stevie Wright
Evie (I'm Losing You) (live) - Sydney Opera House Forefront - Stevie Wright

She's So Fine (Take 2) - The Easybeats


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