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YES, I know i've done full blown blogaroos about the following and the missus were comparing favourite singers on X factor last night  and it got me thinking about my ABSOLUTE favourite, in no particular order, allow to present some wonderful warblers...who, if not by name you know by sound.

Quite possibly the single most recognisable voice in rock..well, UK rock anyway, saw him first in 74 in Sydney and have since got as much Slade stuff as I can get my digits on...Nod had that sustained roar that definately got your attention...seems to me the Black country supplied a few of rocks finest.
Favourite songs: Ruby Red, rock n roll preacher, we'll bring the house down, Universe, give us a goal, 
Favourite albums: Till deaf us do part,  Alive, The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome, We'll Bring the house Down

Francis Rossi or Frame if you like, once again totally recognisable once he starts warbling as is his guitar work..strangely enough saw Frame and the lads the same day I saw Nod and the boys in Sydney.
Some people say he only knows 3 chords, so I'll say what he says ..had some success have you?, sold millions of records worldwide ?...change it !..BOLLOCKS
Favourite songs Matchstick men, down down, ice in the sun, 4500 hundred times, paper plane, mystery song
Favourite Albums: Live (the glasgow one) Piledriver, Hello, Blue for you, 1982, Heavy traffic, Quid Pro Quo

A true Australian original, Bon was in various band before AKKA D, the valentines, Mount Lofty Rangers, stuff like that, but when he hooked up with the brothers Young, he became a legend..sadly, he got taken too early, BUT he wont ever be assured
Favourite Songs: Big Balls, Let there be rock, Jailbreak, If you want blood, Its a long way to the top,.
Favourite Albums: TNT, Dirty Deeds, Powerage, Let there be rock, If you want blood

The first time I saw Baz, it was the Youth gone Wild video, didnt know his name, then found out he was named after a classical master...he is indeed a master, a master of modern rock, got a hell of a range that very few can to see him with Skid Row and was suitably impressed with his hint of get f**kedness...then i went to see him as a solo act in Sydney and he pulled the pin and went home early...BUT...this aint about me being annoyed this is about Baz...still cant figure out why he left the Skids, more than likely musical differences...anyway, blokes got a hell of a set of pipes that you would recognise anywhere
Favourite Songs: American Metalhead, 18 and life, I remember you, As long as I got music, Monkey Business
Favourite Albums: Skid Row, Bring em bach alive, Kickin and screamin, Slave to the Grind, Bach to Basics

The man, the myth, the living legend, 51% muthaf**ka 49% son of a bitch..Yep, its time to pay homage at the shrine of Kilminster, Strangely enough thew first Motorhead song I heard was off an album that by all accounts Lem cant stand, the song was Iron Fist and its still on the list of faves....I always thought that Lem was gonna be here  long after cockroaches, but by all accounts his had a rough cople of months. so my tip is to get as much in as you can while you can...before Bon Scott needs a bass player
Fave songs: Iron fist, Killers, cradle to the grave, 1916, teach you how to sing the blues, rock n roll music
Fave Albums: 1916, Orgasmatron, The world is yours, Ace of spades, No sleep at all, Motorizer

John Michael Osbourne or as his known to all the ticket buyers at Ozzfest..OZZY, OZZY, OZZY...I been  a fan of Oz since the Sabbath days, and when he got sacked, I thought thats that then, but, the mad bugger bounced back , inhaled the earth and rocked on. 
Must say I havent enjoyed every single track his done, but thats normal I suppose...All I know is what i do like is absolutely awesome and has lived on the mp3 gizmo for a bloody age
Fave Songs: Mr Crowley, Bark at the moon, Crazy train, I dont want to change the world, Zombire stomp, 
Fave Albums:Bark at the Moon, Blizzard of Oz, Diary of a madman, The Ultimate sin, Under Cover, No More tears, No rest for the wicked, Paranoid, Mama Im coming home, Never say die, Planet Caravan

The LOUDEST Aussie in the history of history...good gosh, I do like Thorpey, its all his fault that i'm a fan of volume and thunderous riffs, I had the pleasure of seeing him at full roar three times and those shows are permannently burned into my memories...there was nothing like Thorpey before and there has been nothing the same since.
Fave Songs: CC Rider, Over the Rainbow, Most people, Rock n roll city, be bop a lula, ohh poo pah doo, its almost summer, Rock me baby
Fave Albums: Live at Sunbury, More Arse than class, Lock up your Mothers, Steaming at the Opera house

After Thorpey  and Bon the next BIG voice in Aussie rock has to belong to yet another pommy (well, scots) immigrant dont it..yep, BARNESY..I'm a big fan of James Buchanan Barnes, both in his Chisel days and his solo run...saw Chisel quite a bit when they were hot, and similar with Barnesy, seen him blow a few p.a's up too...dunnom how his still kicking after all that vodka BUT he is and thats all that matters
Fave Songs: No second prize, Working class man, ride the night away, Good times, driving wheels, little darling, Largs pier hotel, Ita, Bow river, Saturday night, when the war is over
Fave Albums: Bodyswerve, For the working class man, Freight train heart, Flesh and wood, Rage and ruin, Cold Chisel, East, The last Stand, Breakfast at Sweethearts,  Barking Spiders Live

The metal God himself...what a set of pipes, if you claim to dig metal and you dont have a Priest album of any description, then, your a bit of a fibber methinks....the llst of Preist tunes I like is voluminous in its construct, so I will keep it short..NAH...cant say i'm a huge fan of his solo stuff, but it has its moments...will he go down in history as the greatest metal singer ever?...will he what Fave Songs: Diamoinds and rust, heading out on the highway, metal gods, the ripper, you dont have to be old to be wise, you got another thing coming, Rock forever, living after midnight, United, Parental guidance, heavy metal, painkiller, Prophecy
Fave Albums: Sad Wings ofd Destiny, British Steel, Scremaing for Vengeance, Turbo, Ram it Down, Demolition, Angel of retribution, Preist..LIVE, 

I think its fair to say that Queen has a spot in a good percentage of the world populations heart, I mean to say, if freddie and the boys dont put a smile on your face, theres something wrong with you....similar to Judas priest, the list of Queen songs I like is a bit bonkers and not a dodgy tumne among 'em...and Freddie had a set of pipes that would shatter perspex and that can only be a good thing.
Fave Songs: Seven seas of rhye, Bohemian Rhapsody, tie your mother down, Liar, Dont stop me now, Love of my life, Radio gaga, Its a hard life, hammer to fall, Princes of the Universe, I want it all, Show must go on, I,m going slightly mad, Too much love will kill you
Fave Albums: Sheer heart attack, A night at the Opera, The game, The Works, The miracle, Live Killers, live at Wembley 86, Queen I&II

Nothing like horror movies mixed up with some Salvador Dali and snakes, mix em all up and you got Alice Cooper, the originator of the grand show experience...seen him once on the Poison tour but am the proud owner of a few live dvds (and albums) of the bloke....Alice can paint a picture with his lyrics, and thats a good thing, his not beyond a comedic leaning stuff indeed.
Fave Songs: No more mr nice guy, Im eighteen, under my wheels, I never cry, How you gonna see me now, his back, teenage frankenstein, Poison, bed of nails, Lost in america, wish i was born in beverly hills, hey stoopid, i'll bite your face off, 
Fave Albums: Alice Coper goes to hell, Raise your fist and yell, Trash, Hey Stoopid, Dirty Diamonds, Welcome 2 my nightmare, Brutal Planet,  Live at montreaux, Theatre of death (Hammersmith), Raise the dead (Wacken)

The first time I saw Joe Elliot , he was wearing a fkn disco shirt and he had a perm (of some description)...singing Hello America, Def lep sorta were doing nothing for me on that viewing, THANK F**K for Pyromania, that one got me on side and there I've stayed...been a big fan of Joes voice forever... even got his Down 'n'Outs album
Fave Songs: Rock til you drop, Armageddon it, Two steps behind, Animal, Pour some Sugar on me, Stand Up, Rock of Ages
Fave Albums: Pyromania, Hysteria, Slang, High'n'Dry, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge, My ReGeneration

contrary to what my U2 loving mate says, Phil Lynott is the greatest Irishman in living memory....
had the great good fortune to see him at the opera house in Sydney...and as grim as it sounds, even visited his grave to say thanks once...Vagabond, Gypsy, Poet, LEGEND
Fave Songs: Whiskey in a Jar, The Rocker, Rosalie, Boys are back in town, Cowboy song, Sarah, Killer on the loose, Dedication
Fave Albums: Vagabonds of the western world, Jailbreak, Johnny the fox, Live and Dangerous

Angry, the human air raid siren behind Buster Brown and Rose Tattoo...the first time I heard Angry was when he was in Buster Brown, then he disapeared for a smidge then lo and behold up he pops at the Bondi lifesaver with his new outfit , Rose Tattoo and tha was me hooked and its been a absolute bloody hoot,, saw themm shut a prison and pay homage to that TMG man along with various other real LOUD gigs in various locations throughout the known universe.
Fave Songs: Roll over Beethoven, Rock'n'Roll Lady, Bad boy for love, One of the boys, Out of this place, We cant be beaten, Suddenly, The radio said rock and roll is dead, Illustrated man, Union man, Black eyed Brusier
Fave Albums: Something to say,  Assault and battery, Scarred for life, Beats from a single drum, Pain, 25 to life

The lead singer of probably the single most deserving band of world wide mega success. that didnt get it...Danny Bowes is the voice of Thunder AND what a voice...been a big fan for an age, even got to see them once or twice, but I had to be in Blighty to do it...I highly recommend you go looking for some thunder stuff...well....go on
Fave Songs: On the radio, River of Pain, Amys on the run, Englishman on holidays, A better man, Loser, I love you more than rock n roll, the devil made me do it
Fave Albums:  Backstreet Symphony, Laughing on Judgement day, The magnificent seventh, Robert Johnsons Tombstone, They thinks its all over now, Live at Donington

The lead singer of, probably, my favourite band of the NWOBHM era, probably, either way Saxon is at the top of my listening list and dont look like moving anytime  a few dvds of the boys in action, I highly recommend their Wacken gigs for viewing, Biff has that massive heavy metal crowd in the palm of his hand from the first kick of the drum right through to the end...a sign of true talent, if you ask me AND he can sing as well....brilliant
Fave Songs: Wheels of steel, Denim and leather, Strong arm of the law, Heavy metal thunder, Power and the glory, Back on the streets, The bands palyed on, We got to rock to stay alive
Fave Albums: Wheels of Steel, Strong arm of the law, Denim and leather, Power and the glory, Rock the Nations, Solid ball of rock, Call to arms, Sacrifice 

The mouth that roars, Jonno is just brilliant, thats not to say that when he started with AkkaDakka that he was at the top of my list, to be honest I wanted Alan Fryer from Heaven to get the gig, BUT, then I heard Back in Black and that was me won over and I been a Jonno fan since....Oh and he was in a little band called Geordie that wasnt too foul either.
Fave Songs: Keep on rockin, Geordie lost his liggie, Old time rocker, Back in black, You shook me all night long, Rock n roll aint nosie pollution, Who made who, Shake your foundations, thunderstruck, Goodbye and good riddance to bad luck, Rock n roll train, stiff upper lip
Fave Albums: back in Black, For those about to rock, Razors edge, Black ice, Live, Stiff Upper Lip, Who made Who

So there I was at Bexley North Hotel, and this bloke with short hair, dressed like a butler babbled a stream of neo germanic utterance and then proceeded to blow the top of my head off with some outstanding tunes, my first viewing of Doc Neeson was a complete success, and I was hooked, saw him get knocked rotten with a champagne bottle on a new years eve gig and climb a lighting rig on the Central Coast ...he ( and the Angels) b=never held back live and its fair to say that we will miss the great man
Fave Songs:  Comin down, Take a long line, Shadow boxer, Out of the blue, Marseilles, Stand Up, Eat City, We gotta get out of this place
Fave Albums: Face to face, No Exit, Dark Room, Two minute Warning, Live Line

The Human Air Raid Siren, band pilot, and all round good egg
the first time I saw Bruce was in Sydney on the Number Of The Beast Tour, sure I had the albums with DiAnno on them...BUT...Number blew my mind, and then I heard Bruce's pipes rattle in public  and my ears closely followed.  I was a bit gutted when the band and Bruce parted ways, but with the mega tours they were doing, I think I would of got sick of each other too...I picked up his solo records and they too are quite the bonz little recording . I was stoked when Bruce (and Adrian) re-joined and have dug pretty much eveerythig nthey have done since... Viva Bruce Dickinson
 Fave Songs: Run to the hills, Paschendale, Bring your daughter to the slaughter, popwerslave, Trooper, Flight of Icarus, running free, dance of death, wicker man, wasted years, Number of the beast, Can I play with madness
Fave Albums: Tattoed Millionaire, Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, Powerslave, Brave new world, Dance of Death, A Matter of life and Death, Death on the Road, Live at Donnington

The Mighty Hetfield, the voice of Metallica, sure I should be pissed at him, he talked all those drooling nitwits to bash anyone that wasnt "Metal Dude" and sadly that meant I got headbutted because I had a Dr Feelgood patch on my jacket next to my tallika patch, I'd like to talk to him about that one day...BUT ANYWAY.....I always gad some Metallica hanging around in one form or another, and for the most part enjoyed most everything they have done, Of course I've worn out a copy or two of the Black album, who hasnt?, mind you, Het won me over when I heard Seek & Destroy for the first time and too this day is my favourite metallica tune...and I'm very happy Hefield made it to the Hall of Fame, but more importantly, sorted himself out along the way...Since he gave up his whatevers, his voice is stronger, and mightier than ever

Fave Songs: Seek & Destroy, Invisible kid, Fade to black, One, Fuel, Sandman, For whom the bell tolls, Hero of the day, Mama said, Some kind of monster, broken, beat & scarred, Hit the lights, Nothing else matters, The struggle within, Wherever I may roam, Sad but true, 

Fave Albums: Metallica, Kill em all, Ride the lightning, St Anger, Load, Death magnetic

And then there was Dave Mustaine, quite possibly the angriest and luckiest ginger walking the surface of the planet, how he still has a pulse astounds me, his drug and drink levels were Ozzy or Lemmy like in their consumption, BUT, somehow along the way, he banged out a few brilliant songs / be fair, if he hadnt of got the flick from Metallica, both bands might of been done and dusted a long time ago,. but the anger he formed after getting sacked eventually propelled him to be highly claimed as one of the creators of Thrash and he holds a proud position in THE BIG 4, onya Mustaine.
Fave Songs: peace Sells, In my darkest hour, No More Mr nice guy, Hangar 18, Sweating bullets, A tout le monde, 99 ways to die, Head crusher, Public enemy No1.
Fave Albums: Killing is my Business, Peace sells, So far so good so what, Youthanasia, The World needs a Hero, The System has failed


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