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yet another 2SM Roctober Classic: EUREKA ROCK ( at the home of the Fibro's)

Yet another bonza event chucked by those genius's at 2SM

a mock up of the poster 

WELL....I remember another one, I can't honestly say it was billed as a rocktober gig... BUT 2sm did promote it and it was staged dead smack in the middle of the wild west at the home of the Magpies ..LIDCOMBE OVAL...

.If memory serves, I must of been working at Grace Bros in the hardware store at Roselands, I know I got my tickets at Roselands and I seem to remember having a few left over when mates pulled out ...so suffice it to say, I didnt bring 'em home with me....what I did bring home was a case of sunstroke and a arse kicking hang over...yep, it was a stinker alrighty ....Now to the bands that showed up for a strum.

After coming back from the gig in Blighty were Angry busted open his melon headbutting a stack of Marshalls...the Marshalls lost by the way, the band began work on their third album; with new guitarist Robin Riley replacing Cocks, who went on to join Heaven, they issued Scarred for Life in 1982...and if memory serves most of their lidcombe set list was from this album

The Radiators...I used to see the Rads at Narara, Sundowners, Bankstown RSL and Maroubra Seals...oh, and a footy ground at Lidcombe once....the mighty Rads  formed in September 1978. Mainstay members are Brian Nichol on lead vocals and guitar, Stephen "Fess" Parker on lead guitar and Geoff Turner on bass guitar. In 1987 they were joined by Mark Lucas on drums. Their most popular albums are Feel the Heat (March 1980) and Scream of the Real (May 1983), which both peaked in the top 25 of the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart. 

Avion...werent too foul to be fair, even went and saw a time or two....they were  formed in 1981, originally named Lionheart, the line-up was Evan Murray on keyboards, Martin Toole on guitar, and three brothers: John Waller on drums, Kendall Waller on bass guitar and Randall Waller on lead vocals and lead guitar. The group issued two albums, Avion (1983) and White Noise (1987). Late in 1987, Murray died in a car accident and the group disbanded

Must say, I ve scanned the old memory banks and The Expression are coming up empty, I can honestly say I dont remember them at all, BUT,  then, they werent my cuppa coffee
Apparently the  band formed in Sydney in 1981 and disbanded in 1985. Their best known single, "With Closed Eyes", was released in 1983 on Mushroom Records and peaked into the top thirty

I must admit to not being a huge fan of the The Allniters, but thats probably cause ska music got right up my nose...this isnt casting any aspersions on their un-doubtable musical abilities , far from it ...the original line-up was Ted Ayers on sax, Dave Bebb on drums, Stuart Crysell on guitar, Martin Fabok on guitar, Peter Hill-Travis on vocals, Graham Hood on bass guitar, Brett Pattinson on vocals and Mark Taylor on keyboards

Not only did Dragon reform for the "Concert of the Decade" they  reformed  AGAIN in August 1982 to pay off outstanding debts, not long after Jacobson left the band for health reasons and was replaced by British drummer Terry Chambers (ex-XTC), with the band then staying together when their second comeback single, "Rain", proved to be a #2 hit in 1983, Alan Mansfield also joined. around this time, Mansfield had worked for Robert Palmer (including guitar for the "Johnny and Mary" single from Palmer's album Clues) and Bette Midler in the late 1970s, by 1982 Mansfield was living in Sydney and produced tracks for Marc Hunter. Marc Hunter convinced Mansfield to also produce Dragon's single "Rain"  and if memory serves Marc and the boys were in fine fettle

As long as they played  "Ungaurded moments" I was a happy fella...I'd seen the Church a couple of times , mostly by accidents, they were doing a double bill with a band I wanted to see, that was a weird thing back in the day, you'd get bands like The Church billed with Candy Harlots or something...wacky as huh?  ANYWAY The Church....were founding members Steve Kilbey on lead vocals and bass guitar, and Peter Koppes and Marty Willson-Piper on guitars. Drummer Nick Ward played only on their first album; through the 1980s the band's stable drummer for eight years (1982-1990) was Richard Ploog, who left the band after Gold Afternoon Fix. 

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