Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Recked DVD review : QUEEN AT WEMBLEY

I, along with squillion's of rock fans, Imiss Freddie Mercury...luckily I got to see Queen in Sydney on the Radio GA-GA tour ...but then Mercury vanished from the world of touring and then passed into rock'n'roll history...

The wake that Brian and the boys threw at Wembley for the king of Queen was just friggin awesome and I shall blog about it later...BUT....this blog is about the last time Freddie Mercury reigned over Wembley Stadium in the manner only he could.

The Magic Tour was the biggest and final tour by the English rock band Queen with their lead singer Freddie Mercury and their bassist John Deacon. which took place in 1986.

 The band would not tour again until 19 years later, when the Queen + Paul Rodgers Tour began in 2005, after the death of Freddie Mercury on 24 November 1991, and the retirement of John Deacon in 1997.

The Magic Tour took in 26 dates around Europe's stadiums, in support of their latest album A Kind of Magic....

including the two back-to-back shows at Wembley Stadium in London (where INXS and Status Quo were the supporting acts) that compromise the dvd

Freddie, Brian, John , Roger and Spike took to the stage at the peak of their powers on this night and they had the crowd rocking, singing and chanting for the whole gig, but you expect non the less at a Queen gig.

They came roaring out of the gates with One Visionand proceeded to rev the crowd up with a excellently constructed set list of classics and the boys threw in a healthy smattering of recent stuff 

it was truly an outstanding event....and I think, somewhere in the back of his mind, Freddie sort of knew this was it for him (live wise)

Anyway...all the boys were up for the gig,,,Freddie had his regal pomp turned up to 11..Brian had the red special cranked and rocking...Deacon had his bass boogieing crazily and up the back, Mr Roger Taylor was thumping the tubs like a mad man.

I bought the dvd sometime in 2005...but prior to that I had a "Unauthorised " c.d of the gig...remember those, sort of like unofficial official bootlegs.

The extras on the dvd are pretty damn good as well...New interviews with Roger and Brian
Rehearsal and the friday night gig excerpts...and a well shot backstage documentary

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