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Nightwish - Operatic De Power Metallicus

You might of noticed a thread of Power Metal runnign through my posts in the blogaroo, yes, its true , I like some of my music, loud and complicated and they dont come much more complicated than the stuff that Tuomas Holopainen keeps producing with un-ending zeal.

I havent been into Nightwish for the whole of their existence,  I only really discovered them from mates in the States, showing me stuff like Nemo and Over the hills and far away....then one day I found a dvd  called The End of an Era, that would be right I thought, just when i'm getting into a band , they go and sack the singer, ANYWAY, the songs that got me hooked were on this dvd, Phantom of the Opera and I wish I had an angel were their titles and I highly recommmend them for a starter into the band...... the story of Nightwish

Nightwish were formed in Kitee, Finland, in 1997 by keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen. , he recruited trained opera vocalist Tarja Turunen, and then added metal players,  guitarist Emppo Vuorinen, bassist Sami Vänskä, and drummer Jukka Nevalainen. Nightwish's demos landed them a contract with the Finnish label Spinefarm, which released their debut album, Angels Fall First, in late . The follow-up, Oceanborn, appeared in late 1998 and made Nightwish a bona fide mainstream success in their homeland; the album reached the Finnish Top Five and spun off three Top Ten singles.

Nightwish toured Europe heavily, consolidating their success, and in 2000 recorded their third album, Wishmaster. Not only did it top the Finnish charts, but it was the group's first album to be released in the U.S. .....

Released in 2002, Century Child proved a massive hit in Europe, but 2004's Once saw them go one step further and conquer Europe. Number one in Germany and number one in the European Top 100, Once's success was the product of a band at the top of its game following years of hard work. Marco Hietala was now on bass, replacing Sami Vänskä, while in 2005 Swedish singer Anette Olzon replaced Tarja Turunen, who was fired for some cockamamy reason, which I still cant figure out. 

Dark Passion Play (2007) and the concept album Imaginaerum (2011) both featured Olzon before she and the band parted ways in 2012, halfway through the band's world tour....which was documented on the rather excellent  documentry "Please learn the Setlist in 48 hours"....At short notice, ex-After Forever frontwoman Floor Jansen stepped in to take over on lead vocal duties, the immense pressures on her were later revealed in the behind-the-scenes doco

Jansen's powerful voice was a perfect fit for Nightwish. She was embraced immediately by their  fans, and was soon made a permanent member, alongside Englishman, Troy Donockley. Nightwish's first commercial release with Jansen was 2013's live album Showtime, Storytime, which documented their triumphant show at that year's Wacken Open Air metal festival in front of an 85,000-strong crowd.

According to the band's webpage, the band will enter the studio in 2014 to record their eighth full album for a 2015 release. This album is set to contain Nightwish's longest song to date.

In May 2014, Tuomas updated his official website, stating that he and producer Tero "TeeCee" Kinnunen have been recording 12 demos (and possibly 3 bonus tracks) for the new album in Hattula, Finland. The band is expected to start rehearsing in July, with the recording finished on January 2015, and the album released in Spring that year, "If everything goes as scheduled".

In July 2014 Tuomas announced on the Nightwish website that the band have begun rehearsing and recording songs for their 8th studio album in Eno, Finland. Tero Kinnunen has produced demo versions of 12 songs that the band have written and a making of trailer has been released onto YouTube, which shows snippets of Nightwish's recording journey so far.

On August 6, the band announced that founding member and drummer Jukka Nevalainen would not be part of the upcoming album due to insomnia.  Kai Hahto, formerly of Wintersun would be taking his place in the album, and his replacement for the upcoming is yet to be announced.

AND the band will have evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins as a guest star on the album

In November, the band filmed a music video for one of the tracks of the album.  On December 8, the band announced that the first single from the new album, "Élan", would be released on February 13, 2015.

The new album's cover art its title, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, were revealed on December 22, along with a release date of March 27, 2015.

Current members
Emppu Vuorinen – guitars (1996–present), bass (1996–1997)
Tuomas Holopainen – keyboards, piano, synthesizers (1996–present), male vocals (1996–2001)
Jukka Nevalainen – drums, percussion (1997–present; hiatus: 2014-present)
Marco Hietala – bass, male vocals (2002–present)
Troy Donockley – uilleann pipes, tin whistle, bodhrán, backing vocals (2013–present; session member: 2007–2013)
Floor Jansen – lead vocals (2013–present; session member: 2012–2013)
Former members
Tarja Turunen – lead vocals (1996–2005)
Sami Vänskä – bass (1998–2001)
Anette Olzon – lead vocals (2007–2012)

Angels Fall First (1996)
Oceanborn (1998)
Wishmaster (2000)
Century Child (2002)
Once (2004)
Dark Passion Play (2007)
Imaginaerum (2011)
Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015)

So there you Nightwish homage.....seeya next time

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