Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reckys BIG show Flashback: The Ted Mulry Benefit

One of the few times I've been to Fox Studios, I ( and hundreds of others ) went to pay homage to the mighty Ted Mulry...I must admit, that due to a few tall buggers in front of me, I heard more than I saw...BUT...what can you do

It was over two nights with some outstanding decibel readings,  that just about everybody from legendary Aussie rock came together. many of whom I've blogged about, and a few I'm gonna pay tribute to later, had a blast to raise some much needed coin to help Ted in his battle with brain cancer ( which sadly, came too late, Ted passed in September that same year)

The first night, Friday night 9th March, was a collection of the bands from the late 60's and earl;y 70's...JOHN PAUL YOUNG had a play, then John Farnhams manger Glen Wheatley got together with Jim Keays and the other 

MASTER’S APPRENTICE and bashed out some of their classic tunes...then came DICKIE CLAPTON and he was backed by the surving members of  INXS and together they banged out stuff like Glory road and my personal favourite Deep Water...awesome stuff...RUSSELL MORRIS got up and had a play, he had the mighty KEVIN BORICH playing with him, Russ banged out my two favourites "Real Thing" and "Wings of an Eagle"...Brilliant...

.Then came The Brewster Brothers and a few other Angel members calling themselves "MEMBERS OF THE ANGELS"..musta been having a stink with Doc or some such crap that gets in the way of good ole rock'n'roll Anyway, the Brewsters, Buzz and Chris with Jimmy Hilburn singing played 3 or 4 of their classic tunes, wasnt quite the same without Neeson, but what can you do..

.then for all the former 14 year old girls in the audience out came MARTY RHONE to do that tune of his tha clogged up Countdown for weeks Denim & Lace..anyway ;)

To end the night off  ROSS WILSON showed up and played a damn fine cross section of his stuff from Daddy Cool through to his Mondo Rock days...not one of my likes, but he wasnt bad at all....THEN, THEN came the man thatr warped me forever..BILLY fkn THORPE ...Thorpey was his usual self and jammed out a few Azteckian classics...all I can say , even now is WOW....all in alll an great friggin night of ridiculously great rock...AND we were only half way there.

Back over to Fox Studios on Saturday night and the gig started with ROSE TATTOO and Angry and the boys gave it what for alrighty, this was the last time I got to see Wellsy play so I'm happy,  at least I got to see the great man one last time, he passed in 2006. Ted musta neede a slide guitarist...

Then came KEVIN BORICH and he ripped out some classic riffs including the classic "gonna see my baby tonight"..Brilliant...then came a band that quite frankly never crossed my radar SEBASTIAN HARDIE however their singer had JON ENGLISH who after doing a Hardie tune  played Hollywood 7 and Turn the page.

Then the crew brought out a electric piano which was joined shortly thereafter by TIM FREEDMAN who along with the rest of TMG played a couple of Teds classic ballads..all the girls were going gooey hearing the old tunes again...then so that the roadies didnt have to set up someone els TMG stayed on stage and were joined on voice by Teds little brother Steve Mulry and they did the 3 TMG classics, argue among yourselves what they may have been.

Then came the mighty MENTAL AS ANYTHING who were joined on stage by original members the O'Doherty brothers for a couple of excellent tunes....Aussie country rocker ADAM BRAND hopped up and played a couple of tunes including my ave tune of his "Beatin around the Bush", was good to Brandsy there, although I fairly sure a few people were going who is the young kid?..

.I was saying the same thing when the next act hopped up for a blast...AUTUMN , never heard of 'em although they did play "Yellow River" and a portion of the crowd went WooHoo, so I guess it must be one of their singles.....

A slight break insued while the Roadies busted their collective klackers then came a band that filled up The Sundowner Hotel (when it existed) everytime they came through, the mighty RADIATORS and fair dinkum if they boys hadnt lost a single solitary step...brillian t AND they did that song although they changed the chorus to GIMME TED...wicked cool...

.then out of the corner of my eye I saw Stuey Fraser get up so I thought, as you wopuld given the era that was being played, that Feather were hopping up but turned out that NOISEWORKS were having a blurt...they played all their biggies, cant honestly say I was huge fan, woulda rather seen feather to be fair, but they done alright... end the night guess who reformed for a play..go on guess..No...well bugger me if Daryl Brathwaite and the boys from 
SHERBERT got up and banged out Summer Love and Hound Dog, once again all the former 14 year old girls went woosy..maybe a couple of the blokes too..who knows...ANYWAY...that was the homage that Aussie rock put on for Ted and a couple of top night's it was.

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